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ChatGPT .. unpredictable behaviors
 …  hundreds of “emergent” abilities
 …  from multiplication to generating executable computer code
 …  there’s a threshold of complexity beyond which the functionality of the model skyrockets
 …  not only to identify additional emergent abilities but also to figure out why and how they occur at all — in essence, to try to predict unpredictability
 …  Understanding emergence
 …  ChatGPT that it was a Linux terminal and getting it to run some simple mathematical code to compute the first 10 prime numbers
 …  “zero-shot” or “few-shot” learning .. to solve problems it has never — or rarely — seen before
 …  Beyond Imitation
 …  to explain itself (a capacity called chain-of-thought reasoning)
 …  Unpredictable Powers and Pitfalls
 …  Emergence leads to unpredictability, and unpredictability — which seems to increase with scaling — makes it difficult for researchers to anticipate the consequences of widespread use.
 …  “moral self-correction” mode
 …  We spend a lot of time just chatting with our models and that is actually where you start to get a good intuition about trust — or the lack thereof. /Quanta/23-03-21

Sentience The Invention of Consciousness
 …  a neuropsychologist argues that consciousness evolved to make us feel that life is worth living
 …  If perceptions make life possible, sensations make it worth living.
 …  allowing us access to the rarified condition of having a soul
Nicholas Humphrey Sentience/23-03-18