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the race to invent new particles is pointless Sabine Hossenfelder
 …  In private, many physicists admit they do not believe the particles they are paid to search for exist – they do it because their colleagues are doing it
 …  invent new particles for which there is no evidence, publish papers about them, write more papers about these particles’ properties, and demand the hypothesis be experimentally tested
 …  preons, sfermions, dyons, magnetic monopoles, simps, wimps, wimpzillas, axions, flaxions, erebons, accelerons, cornucopions, giant magnons, maximons, macros, wisps, fips, branons, skyrmions, chameleons, cuscutons, planckons and sterile neutrinos
 …  LHC hasn’t seen any of those particles
 …  the Standard Model doesn’t require new particles; it works just fine the way it is
 …  The Higgs boson, on the other hand, was required to solve a problem. /22-09-27