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Bonowicz Wojciech w rozmowie on line z Katarzyną Kubisiowską 25 czerwca (Znak).
 …  Izydora Dąmbska … agnostyczka, bardzo zdystansowana do religii … wam to jest łatwiej, macie za sobą 2000 lat tradycji … o najwyższych standardach moralnych niewierzącej osoby … powściągliwie wierzącej … tak powiem ostrożnie /20-06-26

Something Rather Than Nothing
 …  Big Bang
 …  matter over antimatter?
 …  Maybe, just maybe, neutrinos.
 …  In a perfect universe, we would not exist.
 …  According to the dictates of Einsteinian relativity and the baffling laws of quantum theory, equal numbers of particles and their opposites, antiparticles, should have been created in the Big Bang that set the cosmos in motion.
 …  charge and parity invariance, C and P for short
 …  weak interactions
 …  Nature, in some sense, is left-handed.
 …  Neutrinos .. the most tiny quantity of reality ever imagined by a human being .. 1930
 …  are the most plentiful subatomic particles in the universe
 …  the muon also came with its own associated neutrino
 …  Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector
 …  more neutrino muons going to neutrino electrons than antineutrino muons going to antineutrino electrons
 …  neutrinos violate the CP symmetry /20-06-20

the universe. Or just annoying background noise
 …  suspicious pings
 …  If the signal is real and persists
 …  a species of subatomic particles called axions .. keeping nature symmetrical
 …  a large impact on our understanding of fundamental physics
 …  other explanations .. a new, unexpected property of .. neutrinos
 …  Yet another equally likely explanation .. contaminated by .. tritium
 …  Or it could all just be a statistical fluctuation .. 5-sigma
 …  Frank Wilczek
 …  Solar axions would not be dark matter /20-06-19

Efekty kształcenia
 …  Trafny jest termin „kształcenie”, gdy opisuje szkolenie kierowców.
 …  „Franz Brentano wykształcił Edmunda Husserla, Edmund Husserl wykształcił Romana Ingardena, Roman Ingarden wykształcił Józefa Tischnera, a Józef Tischner wykształcił Karola Tarnowskiego...”
 …  Rubryka zatytułowana „efekty kształcenia”, którą władcy nasi każą wypełniać nauczającym, raczej nic z nauczaniem wspólnego nie ma, a pożytek z niej dla władców żaden.
Paweł Taranczewski/PAUza/20-06-15

Corvids are large, big-brained birds that often live in intimate social groups of related and unrelated individuals.
 …  They are known to be intelligent—capable of using tools, recognizing human faces, and even understanding physics—and some researchers believe crows may rival apes for smarts.
 …  Humans are characterized by this extended childhood that affects our intelligence, but we can’t be the only ones
 …  corvids spend more time in the nest
 …  Adults were quite tolerant, allowing juveniles to practice and supplementing their food while they learned.
 …  too much credit has been given to humans “as the pinnacle of evolution and intelligence.” /20-06-14

Universities will never be the same after the coronavirus crisis
 …  The pandemic is speeding up changes in a tremendous way
 …  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge has been putting courses online for free since 2002, but
 …  simply delivering course materials through digital platforms is not the best way to teach students
 …  distributing video lectures early, and focusing in-person time on interacting with students to ensure that they understand the concepts /Nature/20-06-10

veneer theory, Bregman insists, is totally wrong
 …  Infants and toddlers .. have an innate bias towards fairness and cooperation.
 …  In the first world war, German and British soldiers played football on Christmas Day.
 …  early humans survive while our cousins the Neanderthals did not .. we simply killed them all? .. we humans were better able to cope with the last ice age because we’d developed the ability to work together
 …  the great tragedy of human history was the invention of agriculture and cities around 10,000 years ago. That brought the drudgery of work and the rise of political leaders and war.
 …  Zimbardo’s notorious Stanford prison experiment ably collects the recent discoveries that the whole thing was a hoax /20-06-10

Władysław Stróżewski o Romanie Ingardenie
Spór o istnienie świata, gdzie przedstawił ontologię rzeczywistości możliwej. Natomiast nie znalazł odpowiedniego przejścia do metafizyki, czyli do tego, co stoi za faktycznym istnieniem rzeczywistości. Zasugerował co najwyżej, że taką możliwość daje nawrót do nauk szczegółowych, czyli ścisłych. Zaproponował racjonalne podejście do metafizyki.
/Roman Ingarden. Filozof i fotograf, MOCAK /20-05-28

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