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quantum physics
 …  Quantum entanglement is at the centre of a mathematical proof.
 …  how much coordination nature allows between distant objects .. the answer is, in principle, unknowable.
 …  complexity theory
 …  a team of two players who are able to coordinate their actions through quantum entanglement .. This enables both players to ‘win’ much more often than they would without quantum entanglement. But it is intrinsically impossible for the two players to calculate an optimal strategy, the authors show. This implies that it is impossible to calculate how much coordination they could theoretically achieve.
 …  Connes embedding problem
 …  quantum systems that cannot be approximated by ‘finite’ ones
 …  basic conviction that “nature is in some vague sense fundamentally finite”
 …  The confluence of complexity theory, quantum information and mathematics means that there are very few researchers who say that they are able to grasp all the facets of this paper. /20-01-27

Abp. Życiński o wiedzy przyrodniczej (usłyszane w radiu)
 …  Co nam może fizyka powiedzieć o cierpieniu, może podać skład chemiczny łez ... /Radio Dwójka, "Kwadrans bez muzyki", Sylwia Sułkowska (o JP2) 20-01-24

Greta Thunberg And George Monbiot Have Made A Short Film On The Climate Crisis /20-01-18

living robots
 …  stem cells from frogs
 …  These are entirely new lifeforms. .. They are living, programmable organisms.
 …  less than 1mm long
 …  designed by an “evolutionary algorithm” that runs on a supercomputer
 …  The program starts by generating random 3D configurations of 500 to 1,000 skin and heart cells.
 …  have enough fuel inside .. to survive for a week
 …  Xenobots .. Xenopus laevis
 …  By building them out of mammalian cells, they could live on dry land.
 …  future variants could have nervous systems and be selected for cognitive capability
 …  The aim is to understand the software of life
 …  living creatures or machines /20-01-18

Ginkgo biloba near-immortality
 …  more than 3000 years
 …  real genetic evidence for something scientists have long suspected: “The default condition in plants is immortality”
 …  genes in the cambium, they found no difference between young and old trees
 …  Most trees, however, appear to die from “accidents” such as pests or droughts. /20-01-18

Technologie magazynowanie energii
• Mechanicznymi (– magazynowanie w elektrowni szczytowo-pompowej, magazynowanie sprężonego powietrza, wirujące zasobniki energii z kołem zamachowym);
• Chemicznymi (– power-to-gas – produkujące wodór metodą elektrolizy, który następnie zostaje przetworzony na metan, wykorzystując do tego procesu energię elektryczną );
• Elektrochemicznymi (akumulatory);
• Elektrycznymi (superkondensatory).
Jerzy Niewodniczański: Elektrownia jądrowa w Oświęcimiu? .. SYNTHOS .. BWR (z wodą wrzącą) 300 MWe, SMR (Small Modular Reactors) /20-01-11

chaos in the nervous system
 …  Two simple pendulums that swing with perfect regularity can, when yoked together, move in a chaotic trajectory. Given that the billions of neurons in our brain are each like a pendulum, oscillating back and forth between resting and firing, and connected to 10,000 other neurons, isn’t chaos in our nervous system unavoidable?
 …  Chaos is extremely sensitive to initial conditions
 …  the idea that the brain is nothing more than a complicated, but fundamentally rule-based, computer
 …  chaos could grant our brains a great deal of computational power, by exploring many possibilities at great speed
 …  chaos is actually deterministic .. on short time scales
 …  stable patterns called “attractors”
 …  a fine balance between reliability and exploration
 …  dynamical substrate of free will
 …  neuropil, the extracellular mix of axons and dendrites, is the organ of consciousness
 …  chaos is often handled with a semi-mystical reverence
 …  evidence comes from single cells
 …  depending on the external sodium concentration. Between these extremes, it exhibits unpredictable bursting that resembles the wandering behavior of a chaotic trajectory
 …  critical regime
 …  1/f noise
 …  the brain’s main function is to protect us from chaos
 …  presentation of a stimulus reduces variability
 …  order and chaos can co-exist in surprising harmony, in so-called chimera states
 …  connectome—a neuron-by-neuron map of the brain .. due to the complexity of these circuits, a structural map alone will not get us very far
 …  Individual neurons .. may not be “byte-addressable”
 …  dynamic dictionary that constantly shifts to make room for new meaning
 …  chaos theory as “destroying math from within”
 …  replacing the clear linear relationships we seek in nature with the messy and unpredictable
 …  self-interest .. we are terrible at predicting what that is .. It’s precisely this failure that makes us what we are. /20-01-09

artificial intelligence alter our appreciation of art
 …  to explore the relationship between creativity and randomness
 …  grander goal of creating machines that would “improve themselves”
 …  There are more resonances between programming and poetry than you might think. Computer science is an art form of words and punctuation, thoughtfully placed and goal-oriented, even if not necessarily deployed to evoke surprise or longing.
 …  Programming has its own sense of minimalist aesthetics
 …  Ada Lovelace, the acknowledged first programmer ever, was Lord Byron’s daughter
 …  A limerick is, in some sense, described by an algorithm: A Mad Lib–ish start (“There was a(n) [old man / young lady] [from / with / who] ... ”), followed by five lines of prescribed meter in an aabba rhyme scheme.
 …  deep-learning machines need more inputs than the average school kid
 …  The Turing Test has long been a standard for assessing artificial intelligence, but, in the context of making art—rather than simulating consciousness—it may not be the most valuable, or the most interesting, metric.
 …  Some writers—just a few now, but surely more in the future—are using computers as creative collaborators.
 …  deep-learning program could complete sentences and even paragraphs
 …  their creative powers in a new light. We might even be moved by them.
 …  Can a machine write poetry? What is poetry? /20-01-09

Don’t Believe a Word
 …  So much more is now known about how language evolves, how animals communicate and how children learn to speak.
 …  Why do millennials speak their own language?
 …  language is going to the dogs .. it is unscientific nonsense
 …  human communication is in constant flux
 …  a snapshot of a time, place and particular community of speakers
 …  dolphins had accents
 …  young people break and remake language. But so do poets.
 …  Noam Chomsky’s point that most human speech is internal and exists as thought /20-01-06

Democracy is hard work.
 …  citizens must do a lot of thinking and talking about politics
 …  It requires us to maintain a peculiar moral posture toward our fellow citizens.
 …  a citizen's duty is to promote justice
 …  Not only do we increasingly interact only with those who share our politics
 …  our partisan identities
 …  if we are to perform well as democratic citizens, we need to see in our fellow citizens something beyond partisan affiliation /20-01-03

Dysonans moralny; polskie fatum z perspektywy socjologa, PIOTR SZTOMPKA
PISA .. Zarówno w Singapurze, jak i Polsce istnieje plaga korepetycji, podczas gdy w Finlandii płatne korepetycje są prawnie zabronione.
 …  W Polsce – dzieci muszą opanować pamięciowo wiele faktów z każdego przedmiotu z osobna, choć nie zawsze istnieje korelacja czasowa między tymi przedmiotami. Mało przeciążeni uczniowie fińscy mają czas na to, by podczas snu, spaceru lub swobodnej rozmowy ich umysły mogły "przetrawić" i uporządkować pozyskane informacje, co po latach zaowocuje innowacyjnymi rozwiązaniami dla dobra ich kraju. Polscy uczniowie - przeciążeni nauką w szkole, na płatnych korepetycjach oraz w domu, uczą się w myśl "zasady trzech Z": zakuć, zdać, zapomnieć.
 …  Niestety, ta sama zasada funkcjonuje u nas również na wyższych szczeblach nauki, w tym na uniwersytetach, z których wywodzą się nauczyciele.
 …  W Finlandii o jedno miejsce na studiach nauczycielskich konkuruje 10 osób, a prestiż nauczyciela jest równy prestiżowi lekarza. /20-01-03

Galileo’s Error .. a new science of consciousness
 …  Arthur Eddington and Bertrand Russell
 …  the myth that David Chalmers “swept away decades of evasion” of the question of consciousness in 1995 and “forced us to confront the real mystery head-on”
 …  Thomas Nagel’s article “What Is It Like to Be a Bat?” (1974), John Searle’s “Chinese room argument” (1980), Frank Jackson’s parable about Mary and the black and white room (1982) and Robert Kirk’s 1974 revival of Descartes’s “zombie argument” (in philosophy, “zombies” are imaginary creatures who seem just like us but lack consciousness).
 …  Panpsychism is a wholly materialist view in almost all its versions
 …  “consciousness is located in the intrinsic nature of the physical world”
 …  people who think materialism requires them to deny the existence of consciousness, “illusionists” who are adamant that our brains are machines and there is really no feeling, no pain, no joy, no sensory experience. They are, however, a recent and wildly anomalous group among materialists, and this is unsurprising, because illusionism is the silliest view about reality that has ever been held by any human being. (No one has ever really suffered in any way!)
 …  you can’t solve the problem of consciousness by denying its existence
 …  1931: Ernst Schrödinger (“the material universe and consciousness are made out of the same stuff”), Louis de Broglie (“I regard consciousness and matter as different aspects of one and the same thing”) and Max Planck (“I regard consciousness as fundamental”). But they could see further than most of us. /20-01-02

virtue signalling
 …  virtue signalling ‘cheapens’ moral discourse
 …  Perhaps, in fact, virtue signalling, or something like it, is a core function of moral discourse.
 …  The peacock’s tail .. biologists call an honest signal
 …  Humans .. wearing an expensive suit and a Rolex watch is a hard-to-fake signal
 …  religious behaviour can be understood as costly and credibility-enhancing signalling .. abstinence from sex except in certain contexts .. are costly not only in everyday terms, but also in evolutionary terms
 …  Why, from an evolutionary point of view, would someone signal religious commitment? .. to secure the benefits of cooperation
 …  in small groups we can keep track of who is honest
 …  The religious person signals her commitment to a code
 …  the prominence of Quaker business people in the early years of the industrial revolution
 …  if people would virtue signal when no one was watching
 …  Dishonest signalling is also widespread in evolution. .. some animals mimic the honest signal that others give of being poisonous .. some human virtue signallers are engaged in dishonest mimicry too
 …  dishonest signalling is worth engaging in only when there are sufficiently many honest signallers .. So on the whole, virtue signalling has its place in moral discourse, and we shouldn’t be so ready to denigrate it. /20-01-02

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