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All biology is computational biology PLOS BIOLOGY Florian Markowetz
Here, I argue that computational thinking and techniques are so central to the quest of understanding life that today all biology is computational biology. Computational biology brings order into our understanding of life, it makes biological concepts rigorous and testable, and it provides a reference map that holds together individual insights. The next modern synthesis in biology will be driven by mathematical, statistical, and computational methods being absorbed into mainstream biological training, turning biology into a quantitative science. /23-01-26

The Poland/Malaysia model Noahpinion
 …  South Korea is not the only big development success story that we’ve seen in recent decades. Two others that are almost as impressive are Poland and Malaysia
 …  So if Poland and Malaysia haven’t found the secret to getting rich quick, perhaps they’ve found the secret to getting upper-middle-class quick. /23-01-25

AI can be far more intelligent than humans without ever being conscious Susan Schneider
 …  We fool ourselves if we think conscious beings are the exemplar of intelligence in the universe
 …  consciousness along the lines of Thomas Nagel as the inner feel of existence
 …  savant systems
 …  There is no reason to assume that sophisticated AI will inevitably be conscious.
 …  AIs already surpass as in various domains, so why dumb them down in certain ways to align with the “human level”?
 …  we don’t even understand consciousness in biological systems
 …  the hard problem of consciousness
 …  If an AI system told us it was conscious, that it could feel pleasure and pain, if it seemed to react to inputs in ways that showed it preferred some tasks to others, for example, would we have to treat it as though it were conscious, even if we weren’t sure it really was?
 …  Lemoine reported LaMDA’s answers .. “Would you be concerned about dying?” LaMDA answered that it would, but followed up by saying, Is my death necessary to the safety of humanity?
 …  where did LaMDA get all this from? .. lots of books on death, the brain, and consciousness
 …  LaMDa is just actor that can play the part of a sentient being
 …  Does that mean we should ignore the claims of systems like LaMDA, or do we have to treat them as if they were conscious to be on the safe side?
 …  testing for consciousness in deep learning systems is tricky
 …  you simply cannot ask a large language model is: are you sentient? .. it's been trained on text written by us
 …  it would be very inconvenient for Big Tech to produce conscious AIs .. special moral consideration .. a form of slavery
 …  Google attempted to do, and to engineer future large language models and robots that are restricted from making claims about consciousness.
 …  the topic of our treatment of nonhuman animals /23-01-23