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Why we need religion
 …  religious .. help protect and manage our emotional life with unparalleled and probably irreplaceable success
 …  a management system for our emotional lives that helps the human organism stay healthy and well
 …  Both cognitively and affectively, religion helps us cope with grief.
 …  we have colour vision because there are differences in wavelength in the world. We have depth perception because the world actually does exist in three dimensions. By the same logic someone might be tempted to say that if we have a ‘God module’ there must be a God it’s an adaptation to. /19-12-05

computers are creating an extraordinary new world of images, sounds, and stories such as we have never experienced before
 …  whether machines can be creative and produce art, the question should be, ‘Can we appreciate art we know has been made by a machine?’
 … .. It takes a picture—identifies what it’s seeing, then generates words—poetry—sparked by the images it has identified.
 …  A machine that can caption images is a machine that can describe or relate to what it sees in a highly intelligent way.
 …  computers as assisting us and providing intelligent augmentation
 …  machines creating on their own volition .. need not replace human creativity and will work in conjunction with human creativity
 …  In the future, we can expect computers to produce literature different from anything we could possibly conceive of. .. As we learn to appreciate it, perhaps we will even come to prefer machine-generated literature. /19-12-05

To make money, study maths or economics at a top university
 …  Liberal-arts students will earn less, even if they go to Harvard
/The Economist/19-11-29

deep-learning AIs are so easy to fool
 …  facial-recognition systems by sticking a printed pattern on glasses or hats
 …  from automated telephone systems to user recommendations on the streaming service Netflix
 …  brilliant at what they do until, taken into unfamiliar territory, they break in unpredictable ways
 …  hacker could use these weaknesses
 …  to augment pattern-matching DNNs with extra abilities: for instance, making AIs that can explore the world for themselves, write their own code and retain memories
 …  DNNs do not actually understand the world
 …  by altering a few pixels .. ‘adversarial examples’
 …  It’s a type of mistake we would not have imagined would happen.
 …  With great power comes great fragility
 …  DNN should not change its output as a result of small changes in its input, and that this property might be mathematically incorporated into the network
 …  “We know from prior experience which features are the salient ones” .. “And that comes from a deep understanding of the structure of the world.”
 …  symbolic AI .. hard-coded rules about how the world worked .. rule-based AI
 …  Learning about causality needs to be done by agents that do things in the world, that can experiment and explore
 …  manipulate the world and create their own data through their own actions
 …  Over several days of non-stop sifting, the robot starts to get a feel for these alien objects and what it can do with them.
 …  gives an AI a much richer understanding of objects and the world in general
 …  A baby doesn’t learn by downloading data from Facebook
 …  Learning how to learn .. AI was guided in how best to learn from its environment .. next step in AI will be to give DNNs the ability to write their own such algorithms, rather than using code provided by humans /19-11-27

/New Yorker/19-11-23

Black Holes .. a misstep in Stephen Hawking’s
 …  The laws of quantum mechanics insist that information about the past is never lost
 …  a bridge to the black hole’s interior, an escape route for trapped data
 …  spying on a black hole from a higher dimension
 …  holography
 …  information should safely escape black holes
 …  the black hole interior became geometrically linked to portions of the exterior
 …  outgoing black hole radiation may look random to a passing astronaut doing simple experiments but rigorous study would reveal subtly hidden information
 …  a detailed account of how it is encoded in the radiation is still lacking
 …  not an operational description for how to extract the information
 …  the hologram within a hologram /19-11-22

Beetles Navigate Via the Milky Way, First Known in Animal Kingdom
 …  dung beetles .. Scarabaeus satyrus .. the first known species to do so
 …  The tiny insects can orient themselves to the bright stripe of light generated by our galaxy
 …  already knew .. detecting a symmetrical pattern of polarized light that appears around the sun
 …  could still roll a ball in a straight line even on moonless nights
 …  Johannesburg Planetarium
 …  2013
 …  [aw: żuk gnojowy widzi drogę mleczną (korzysta z tego), jako jedyne zwierzę, poza człowiekiem] /19-11-21

 …  how we can fit consciousness, or the mind, into a mindless universe
 …  how can we know ourselves as knowers
 …  If I'm conscious of consciousness, if I'm consciously thinking about thinking, I change the state that I'm targeting
 …  Superintelligence is a threat to us, therefore, we urgently need to figure out who that is: us.
 …  minimal neural correlate of consciousness
 …  a human being is the kind of animal that sometimes leads a life in light of the question of how it fits into the mindless universe
 …  Some people mistakenly believe that they have an immortal soul .. Billions of people
 …  Other people think that they are sophisticated killer apes designed to spread their genes.
 …  evolutionary psychologist who thinks that mental states are fundamentally adapted
 …  Humans are not just any old animal, they are animals trying very hard not to be animals.
 …  our whole conscious mental life is a kind of illusion
 …  postmodern confusion
 …  "continental/European" and "analytic" philosophy
 …  How do I know that I'm not in a simulation?
 …  brutal idealism, according to which our minds are transcendent affairs that mysteriously peep into the universe
 …  New Realism
 …  There is actual objectivity.
 …  there is no single overall theory for all the facts
 …  The continuum hypothesis in mathematics is not solved by a physical theory of everything because numbers are not physical objects; you cannot investigate them with experiments, you cannot causally interfere with them in order to measure their behavior.
 …  Numbers are not spatiotemporally located.
 …  Quine suggested that ontology should not be metaphysics /19-11-20

Neutrinos .. Basic Math
 …  the strange behavior of .. neutrinos
 …  eigenvectors
 …  the physicists could hardly believe they’d discovered a new fact about such bedrock math
 …  differences in the behavior of neutrinos and antineutrinos could be what allows matter to dominate over antimatter in the universe
 …  three-by-three matrix describes these oscillations
 …  CP violating phase /19-11-17

John von Neumann The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann
 …  It is indeed supremely difficult to effectively refute the claim that John von Neumann is likely the most intelligent person who has ever lived. /19-11-17

cleverer, better-looking children genetic profiling
 …  “playing God”
 …  a child optimised with the best-available genetic profile for a long and healthy life
 …  Single-nucleotide polymorphism (snp, or “snip”) profiling
 …  height and, more controversially, intelligence
 …  generation on generation, to improve grandchildren and great-grandchildren still further
 …  snps are the smallest possible differences between individuals’ dna—single genetic letters.
 …  assortative mating .. intelligent, successful (and therefore probably rich) people seek each other out as partners
 …  Piled generation on generation, however, it really might create a genetic elite.
 …  “Brave New World” /19-11-13

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