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 …  Panpsychism is the view that consciousness is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of the physical world.
 …  fundamental particles – have incredibly simple forms of experience
 …  UK philosophy conference held a plenary panel on panpsychism this year for the first time in its history
 …  little consensus
 …  critics .. Sabine Hossenfelder and Sean Carroll
 …  panpsychists are not dualists .. an electron doesn’t have two kinds of property: physical and non-physical. Rather, it’s physical properties (mass, spin, charge) are forms of consciousness
 …  reality itself, at its base, is purely mathematical
 …  there is something that underlies this mathematical structure
 …  Panpsychism is not a rival scientific hypothesis to the standard model, it is rather a philosophical interpretation of the standard model
 …  It would be nice if we could do an experiment to settle the issue, but these are not the kinds of questions you can answer with experiments. For these questions, you need philosophy. /24-02-24

engineering biology
 …  transforming biology from a wet and messy science into an engineering discipline
 …  three major innovations: advancements in deep learning, significant cost reductions for collecting biological data through lab automation, and the precision editing of DNA with CRISPR
 …  exponentially decreasing cost of DNA sequencing
 …  we are still far from a comprehensive understanding of biology .. biology is staggeringly complex
 …  AlphaFold predicts this static structure dramatically better than any other protein folding model
 …  liquid-handling robots outproduced bench scientists by pipetting 96 samples instead of one at a time
 …  rapidly increasing the amount (and types) of biological data that can be collected, opening the door for more predictive and accurate models
 …  ability to easily edit the DNA of plants and animals
 …  the combination of AI technology and advancements in automation with easy genetic editing /24-02-22