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 …  jest bardzo prawdopodobne
 …  Wnuki? – Jeszcze nie, ale mam nadzieję ... Znaczy, patrząc z perspektywy zwyczajnoludzkiej, bo tak poza tym to ostatnio zacząłem się zastanawiać, czy to w ogóle ma sens.
 …  bardzo mało używam samochodu. A jak już, to staram się jeździć z kimś, a najlepiej w kilka osób.
 …  ograniczyłem mięso /18-11-12

A.I., Is Seeing Still Believing?
 …  surveillance camera’s “imaging pipeline”—the lens, the sensor, the compression algorithms—its data had been “downsampled,” and, in the end, very little information remained.
 …  the degradation of the image couldn’t be reversed
 …  neural networks .. to analyze and create images and videos
 …  expert systems capable of producing realism on a vast scale.
 …  “Synthesizing Obama”
 …  smartphones digitally manipulate even ordinary snapshots, often using neural networks
 …  unreal images, if they are realistic enough, can lead to the truth.
 …  anybody could buy Photoshop. But to really use it well you had to be highly skilled,” Farid said. “Now the technology is democratizing.”
 …  “Why did Stalin airbrush those people out of those photographs?”
 …  We’re incredibly visual beings.
 …  Adobe Photoshop called “content-aware fill”: you can delete someone from a pile of leaves, and new leaves will seamlessly fill in the gap.
 …  Your Facebook news feed highlights what “people like you” want to see. In addition to unearthing similarities, social media creates them.
 …  patterns spread and outputs are recirculated as inputs
 …  you possessed an image of a landscape taken on a sunny day. You might want to know what it would look like in the rain.
 …  neural networks train other networks—an arrangement that researchers call a “generative adversarial network,” or GAN.
 …  synthesis of events that didn’t happen.
 …  if you can spot it, you can fix it
 …  “Digital Forensics in a Post-Truth Age”
 …  ‘zero trust’ model, where by default you believe nothing. That could be a difficult thing to recover from.”
 …  Body cameras may still capture what really happened, but the aesthetic of the body camera—its claim to authenticity—is also a vector for misinformation. “Eyewitness video” becomes an oxymoron. The path toward reality begins to wash away.
 …  a new kind of photograph—a verifiable digital original.
 …  We look at geolocation data, at the nearby cell towers, at the barometric-pressure sensor on the phone, and verify that everything matches.
 …  If the image passes muster, it’s entered into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.
 …  if it’s a choice between surveillance and synthesis, many people may prefer to be surveilled.
 …  if we humans were evolutionarily predisposed to jump to conclusions that confirmed our own views—the epistemic equivalent of content-aware fill.
 …  The generator tries to make it look real, but it can look real in different ways /18-11-11

 …  Ten years after the financial crash of 2008, the economy is humming along, with steady growth and rising employment. Yet that crisis continues to shape our world, particularly with the rise of right-wing populism and the ever-worsening climate crisis.
 …  explain why short-term thinking rules the day
 …  carbon tax /18-11-11

Extinction on demand
 …  In 1980 Variola, the smallpox virus, was exterminated from the wild.
 …  mosquitoes that spread malaria, a second of humankind’s
 …  Gene drives can in principle be used against any creatures which reproduce sexually with short generations and aren’t too rooted to a single spot.
 …  the enthusiasm is not universal .. irreversible effects on ecosystems
 …  playing God
 …  crispr-Cas9
 …  Using sterile insects to control disease
 …  2026 as a possible date for trials that involve a release in the wild
 …  over 3,000 mosquito species
 …  Current gene drives are self-driving: the cutting mechanism and the thing that gets spread are one and the same. /18-11-08

UN Says Climate Genocide Is Coming. It’s Actually Worse Than That.
 …  Report
 …  thorough transformation of the world’s economy, agriculture, and culture that “there is no documented historical precedent.”
 …  What has been called a genocidal level of warming is already our inevitable future.
 …  Human experience and memory offers no good analogy for how we should think about those thresholds
 …  raising the cost of a ton of carbon possibly as high $5,000 by 2030, a price they suggest may have to grow to $27,000 per ton by 2100.
 …  a carbon tax is only a spark to action, not action itself. And the action needed is at a scale and a speed almost unimaginable to most of us.
 …  one precedent, in all of human history, citing the model of how the United States prepared for World War II
 …  the last 25 years, since Al Gore published his first book on climate change. Monday’s IPCC may seem like a dramatic departure, and it is. /18-10-22

recognise an alien
 …  a photo of an alien would be convincing evidence
 …  What is it that we’d see that would tell us we weren’t just looking at another pile of rocks?
 …  Living things .. have vast numbers of intricate parts working together
 …  The most beautiful natural rock formations lack even a tiny fraction of the myriad parts of a single bacterial cell
 …  to do things – eat, grow, survive, reproduce.
 …  combination of complex design and apparent purpose
 …  an exciting alien – design .. there’s only one way to get such design: natural selection.
 …  an organism cannot be designed for anything other than contributing genes to future generations.
 …  organisms are selfish
 …  a bee can sacrifice for the queen (its mother), if it means she’ll produce 100 more sisters, each carrying half the bee’s genes.
 …  design without a designer
 …  Even a postorganic, computer-based alien would ultimately be the product of a product of natural selection. /18-10-22

Mathematical ideas
 …  Martin Heidegger .. an influential thinker who misrepresented mathematics
 …  a desire to bypass repetitious exercises is precisely one of the things that motivates mathematicians.
 …  proofs are nothing if not ways to think about something in all applicable cases so that repetitive testing on each possibility is not necessary. /18-10-22

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