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Natalia de Barbaro/Ciemnia, 2010, str. 36/20-03-26

Coronavirus Humanity Lacks Leadership, Youval Noah Harari
 …  Build walls, restrict travel, reduce trade.
 …  The real antidote to epidemic is not segregation, but rather cooperation.
 …  Epidemics killed millions of people long before the current age of globalization.
 …  the best defense humans have against pathogens is not isolation – it is information
 …  pathogens rely on blind mutations while doctors rely on the scientific analysis of information
 …  People believed in angels and fairies, but they could not imagine that a single drop of water might contain an entire armada of deadly predators.
 …  While medieval people never discovered what caused the Black Death, it took scientists just two weeks to identify the novel coronavirus, sequence its genome and develop a reliable test to identify infected people.
 …  Since a single person might host trillions of virus particles that undergo constant replication, every infected person gives the virus trillions of new opportunities to become more adapted to humans.
 …  providing better healthcare for Iranians and Chinese helps protect Israelis and Americans too from epidemics
 …  Today humanity faces an acute crisis .. due to the lack of trust between humans.
 …  people need to trust scientific experts, citizens need to trust public authorities, and countries need to trust each other
 …  irresponsible politicians
 …  2014 Ebola epidemic, the U.S. served as that kind of leader .. a similar role also during the 2008 financial crisis
 …  in recent years the U.S. has resigned its role as global leader.
 …  U.S. no longer has any real friends – it has only interests
 …  The void left by the U.S. has not been filled by anyone else. Just the opposite. Xenophobia, isolationism
 …  the crucial struggle takes place within humanity itself /20-03-19

consciousness .. a brain process?
 …  We have a front-row seat, an unmediated first-hand awareness of what conscious experiences are like, and we know well-enough what brain processes are like. The two could not be more different.
 …  In the hands of philosophers, this sentiment is transmuted into the doctrine that consciousness cannot be identified with, or ‘reduced to’, anything physical.
 …  Our inability to extract truths about tables from truths about particles or fields is unremarkable: tables are, in this regard, irreducible. What would be remarkable is someone’s insisting that from this it follows that tables could not possibly be clouds of particles or disturbances in fields, because tables obviously differ from such things.
 …  Why not think the same of consciousness?
 …  talk of observing another’s experiences is patent nonsense
 …  each of us enjoys immediate access to our own conscious states
 …  Your brain is open to the public, not so your experiences.
 …  The tomato, not my experience, not my conscious state, is red and spherical.
 …  If you persist in the thought that redness resides in me, not in the tomato .. bifurcated the universe, and embraced a robust brand of dualism.
 …  not that dualism is false, only that it is by no means required
 …  My states, experiential or otherwise, are ‘private’ only in the sense that no one else could be in my state. Trivially, my states are my states.
 …  what is most perplexing about consciousness is not consciousness itself, but that so many find it perplexing /20-03-19

coronavirus pandemic in five powerful charts
 …  rapid spread
 …  compare to other diseases
 …  publishing new coronavirus research
 …  affected carbon emissions and air quality
 …  compare to the 2003 SARS outbreak /Nature/20-03-19

Consciousness Isn’t Self-Centered
 …  the atoms that compose your body were once the ingredients of countless stars in our universe’s past
 …  this particular configuration that is you .. experiencing something
 …  as far as consciousness is concerned there is nothing, and then suddenly, magically - something
 …  how does felt experience arise out of non-sentient matter?
 …  David Chalmers .. “hard problem” of consciousness
 …  which processes in the brain give rise to various functions, the hard problem lies in understanding why some of these physical processes have an experience associated with them at all
 …  panpsychism .. the possibility that all matter is imbued with consciousness in some sense
 …  why not the reaction of plants to light—or the spin of electrons
 …  a fundamental property of the universe
 …  Modern panpsychism is informed by the sciences and fully aligned with physicalism and scientific reasoning.
 …  We strongly believe .. that consciousness arises out of complex processing in brains. But
 …  split between a brain-based explanation and a panpsychic one
 …  if the individual atoms and cells in my brain are conscious, how do those separate spheres of consciousness merge to form the consciousness “I’m” experiencing?
 …  confusion of consciousness with the concept of a self
 …  Christof Koch .. a hypothetical experiment in which two brains were connected together as successfully as the two hemispheres of a single brain are connected
 …  split-brain patients
 …  would two brains wired together produce a new, integrated mind? .. constituting a new “person”?
 …  The human sense of being a self, along with an experience of continuity over time through memory, may in fact be a very rare form of content. /NAUTILUS/20-03-14

Steven Pinker: Evolution Has Saddled Our Species With Many Irrational And Destructive Psychological Traits
 …  nature of cognition and the nature of journalism
 …  competition among social groups
 …  businesspeople to discredit governments, academics to discredit business, religious spokespeople to discredit secular organizations, and so on
 …  Enlightenment Now
 …  capitalism can coexist with many evils, as we see in authoritarian countries
 …  progress depended as well on science
 …  prosperity primarily comes from ideas, methods, recipes, algorithms, and other forms of knowledge, which are replicable at marginal or zero cost
 …  contrary to what most people think, life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the rise
 …  the world is gripped by irrationality and hysteria
 …  during the past decade the number of democracies in the world has hovered in a record-high range, with 99 democracies in 2018 compared to 87 in 1998, 51 in 1988, 40 in 1978, 36 in 1968, and 10 in 1918 /20-03-12

machine learning MIT
 …  A powerful antibiotic that kills some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria in the world has been discovered using artificial intelligence.
 …  vast digital libraries of pharmaceutical compounds
 …  the researchers first trained a “deep learning” algorithm to identify the sorts of molecules that kill bacteria. To do this, they fed the program information on the atomic and molecular features of nearly 2,500 drugs and natural compounds, and how well or not the substance blocked the growth of the bug E coli.
 …  To hunt for more new drugs, the team next turned to a massive digital database of about 1.5bn compounds.
 …  program returned a shortlist of 23 potential antibiotics
 …  to design potent new antibiotics from scratch /20-03-02

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