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Cyborg By John Horgan
 …  Neuroscientist Christof Koch has suggested that we get brain implants to keep up with machines.
 …  AI inside the brain and peripheral nervous system .. to hook you to the cloud without the intermediary of a keyboard
 …  Neuralink, Facebook and Kernel
 …  privacy safeguards are essential
 …  pressured to use brain implants so that they can stay competitive .. Enhancement should be truly optional
 …  the elite few are enhanced there will be a vast intellectual gulf between the have and have-nots
 …  Are philosophical investigations of consciousness relevant .. Yes
 …  “Human Calculator” will give you savant-level mathematical abilities; “Zen Garden” can give you the meditative states of a Zen master.
 …  to understand whether it is wise to enhance in these radical ways, you must first understand what and who you are.
 …  if you replace too much of your brain with microchips, you will at some point kill yourself!
 …  consciousness .. we don’t fully understand why all the information processing in the brain feels like something
 …  AI, in contrast, wouldn’t have this limit, but they would be incapable of consciousness. But they may still outthink us, and if they did, this would mean the most intelligent entities on Earth wouldn’t even be conscious.
 …  we would find immortality tedious
 …  Generality is a matter of degree
 …  Perhaps the AI systems of the far future will be more general than we are
 …  If superintelligent AI outthinks us .. “the control problem”
 …  superintelligent extraterrestrials
 …  because Earth is a relatively young planet, there should be many planets with civilizations older than ours
 …  whether radical enhancement is compatible with the continuation of one’s consciousness and selfhood, are germane to discussions about the evolution of intelligent life throughout the universe /20-07-29

nuclear fusion
 …  The world’s largest .. in southern France
 …  the most complex engineering endeavour in history
 …  200km of superconducting cables, all kept at -269C
 …  Iter .. tokamak
 …  a temperature of 150m C, 10 times hotter than the core of the sun. The hydrogen fuel is obtained from seawater
 …  it is intended to be a proof-of-concept of large-scale fusion, not a design for a future commercial reactor /20-07-29

The question of the whole Alain Badiou and Jacques Derrida
 …  there is a whole
 …  Cantorian Revolution
 …  the failures of the metaphysics of presence
 …  the experience of the undecidable is the experience of an inconsistent whole
 …  The possibility of transcendental philosophy, a philosophy that would seek to ascertain the limits of thought, has been exhausted. This end, however, constitutes a new beginning. It is the birth of infinite thought.
 …  Being and Event Badiou .. Cantor-Gödel-Cohen-Easton symptom .. Ernst Zermelo
 …  Cantor established that it was possible to think the infinite
 …  Gottlob Frege’s unlimited abstraction principle
 …  overcoming of the metaphysics of presence
 …  Cantor .. reserved the name ‘God’ for this whole in his private writings.
 …  Increasable actual-infinite or transfinite
 …  Unincreasable actual-infinite or Absolute
 …  ‘Absolute’ here is treated as incomprehensible .. the problematic status of overly large ordinals
 …  The Absolute can only be recognized, never known, not even approximately.
 …  ‘Cantor’s thought thus wavers between onto-theology .. and mathematical ontology
 …  road that onto-theologians have traveled for millennia
 …  what if there were a deeper truth here, namely that Cantor could not but assert the existence of the paradoxical, Absolutely Infinite? /20-07-29

Nikt nie wie, gdzie jest skwer Władysława Bartoszewskiego [AW: w Krk]
 …  Że się urodziłem .. przejście od niebytu do bytu, uważam .. od bytu embrionalnego .. Człowiek sobie nie uświadamia, ale był taki czas, że nas w ogóle nie było .. jak gdyby z nicości .. człowiek pobożny powie, że żył w myśli Bożej, może, ale tego nie pamiętam .. Natomiast jestem świadom, że Świat sobie istniał beze mnie
 …  Ochrzcił mnie ksiądz, który potem został biskupem. Więc też się wspaniale składa
 …  Bardzo chciałbym, żeby tavm się odprawiła msza pogrzebowa .. przełożeni zakonni nie bardzo .. tam się zaczęło i tam się [..] by skończyło, no zobaczymy
 …  Człowiek nie myśli o tym, uważa to za oczywiste, że jest.
 …  7 lat .. dziecko ofiarowywało się Matce Boskiej, Jasnogórskiej. Nie wiem na czym to polegało
 …  85 lat - w Niepołomicach
 …  Datę urodzenia się obchodzą także .. zwierzęta (gdzieś czytałem) .. 25 lipca
 …  Pan doktor onkolog .. powiew, zimny śmierci .. ludzie umierają, to jest nic nowego .. ona przyjdzie, kiedy ma przyjść
 …  Maszerujemy w kierunku wieczności
 …  Rzeczy, które zostały mu w tej chwili, jedyny raz w historii Wszechświata dane.
Ks. Adam Boniecki w rozmowie z Katarzyną Kubisiowską, Podcast Tygodnika Powszechnego/20-07-21

at the beginning of life’s history
 …  “Chiral” molecules exist in paired forms that mirror each other
 …  Many researchers believe the selection to be random: Those right-handed genetic strands just happened to pop up first
 …  weak force — the only fundamental force with a known mirror asymmetry. Pions slamming into the atmosphere /20-07-13

 …  It must be said, for it is too easily forgotten, that the sick body still lives.
 …  exceed the mortal body “to exalt the ephemeral in the folds of our body, in the traces of our passage,” as she wished /20-07-13

 …  Thermodynamics was extremely useful science for a society in the throes of rapid industrialization and a shift toward a capitalistic free market.
 …  You never get anything—energy or work—for free.
 …  An illuminating parallel for such social embeddedness can be found in Darwin’s work.
 …  Keynes .. “The principle of the survival of the fittest could be regarded as a vast generalization .."
 …  Darwinian and thermodynamic theories served jointly to furnish a propitious worldview
 …  the age of the Earth .. Darwin .. at least a billion years .. Kelvin .. Between 20 and 400 million years
 …  why organisms age, why societies collapse, and why evolution requires divine intervention
 …  In almost every erroneous overextension of the first and second laws, one word marks the crux of the error. The laws refer to an isolated system.
 …  the fourth law of thermodynamics: There is no such thing as an isolated system.
 …  shaped as it is by popularized versions of Victorian science, leads us dangerously astray
 …  Not in buying a new more efficient car, but in leaving the old one parked. /20-07-10

Darwin and Nietzsche Selection, Evolution, and Morality / CATHERINE WILSON
 …  his rejection of the major elements of Darwin’s overall scheme on observational grounds
 …  opposition to the attempt of Darwin and many of his followers to reconcile the “struggle for existence” with Christian ethics
 …  Ernst Haeckel .. popularizers of Darwinism .. “immensely rich fruits—fruits which have no equal in the whole history of the civilization of mankind.”
 …  Herbert Spencer, who introduced the phrase “the survival of the fittest” in 1864
 …  Nietzsche’s relationship to Darwinism has been studied repeatedly
 …  is unlikely to have read either Darwin’s The Origin of Species (1859) or his Descent of Man (1871) .. derived from popularizers and synthesizers
 …  “over-all depression of the European spirit” Beyond Good and Evil
 …  “The whole of English Darwinism breathes something like the musty air of English overpopulation, like the smell of the distress and overcrowding of small people” The Gay Science.
 …  antitheological, somatic, future-oriented themes are prominent in Nietzsche’s writings .. deny that those themes are Darwinian
 …  not creatures specially created by God .. humans were the only animals that exhibited intellectual and technological progress
 …  Haeckel .. “ape-like negro tribes”
 …  Eastern religion answered to the need for a non-Christian foundation for morality
 …  Bentham’s utilitarianism
 …  In BGE 62, he laments the ruination of the race through the Christian practices of care for the sick
 …  David Strauss
 …  a gay science to counter the pessimism of the theory of natural selection, a cheerful philosophy of abundance as opposed to one of scarcity
 …  the exceptional man versus the prolific breeding masses
 …  Natural selection, we recognize, is not “for” any purpose .. power to self-replicate and to vary
 …  “The influence of ‘external circumstances,’” says Nietzsche, “is overestimated by Darwin to a ridiculous extent: the essential thing in the life process is precisely the tremendous shaping, form-creating force working from within which utilizes and exploits external circumstances”
 …  The “will to power” is already manifested in the amoeba’s extending its pseudopods .. the will to power can even divide itself into two wills.
 …  “The struggle for existence is only an exception, a temporary restriction of the will to life”
 …  “The isolated individual does not have the good of his species in view: the sexual instinct does not prove this”; it expresses rather a “real achievement of the individual, his highest interest, his highest experience of power” (KSA 12:7 [9]; WP 680).
 …  Nietzsche argues that Darwin’s theory predicts the opposite of what we observe.
 …  Higher types are more complex and more fragile; their disintegration is more likely, so beauty and genius are rarely inherited. The latter point is the critical objection to Darwinism for Nietzsche.
 …  Nietzsche was engaged in a three-cornered argument. In one corner stood the traditional Christians with their commitment to the repression of sensuality as evil and sin, and their supernaturalism. In another corner were the agnostic or atheistic philosophers who wanted to assert, preserve, and even extend Christian values in the face of science, including Kant, Schopenhauer, Darwin, Strauss, and Spencer. In the third corner, there was Nietzsche himself, aesthetically repelled by the masses and their unhealthy propensities, distressed by the suffering of superior individuals, and hostile to traces of asceticism and Orientalism in his contemporaries.
 …  In some respects, then, Nietzsche is a Darwinian.
 …  Like Darwin, he believes that individuals vary in their intrinsic quality: some are superior to others.
 …  He is also much closer to the view of the modern, neo-Darwinian biologist than were the nineteenth-century Darwinians. It is the individual that matters to itself
 …  Nazism was, after all, a regenerationist, postdemocratic, post-Christian social order, where the weak, decrepit and useless were to be legislated out of existence.
 …  Nietzsche .. “When the spirit is rich and independent it most resists any preoccupation with morality”
 …  Joseph De Maistre /20-07-08

Nietzsche's Anti-Darwinism Dirk R. Johnson
 …  complex connection .. popular opinions have tended to assume a convergence in their thinking
 …  the importance of Darwin for the development of Nietzsche's philosophy, but
 …  an original reinterpretation of the Genealogy of Morals, a text long considered sympathetic to Darwinian naturalism, but which he argues should be taken as Nietzsche's most sophisticated critique of both Darwin and his followers. /20-07-08

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