Data fields; 1, 2, 3, 4.    
 1. Dates: depth [cm], 14C BP, ± sigma (separated by space). For fixed points or precise non radiocarbon dates (for example: 5cm-1990AD), in place of 14C date type the age AD/BC, in place of ± simply type 0 (for example: 5 1990 0).

 2. Optionally. Plot range: top, bottom [cm], youngest, oldest [AD/BC] (BC as negative). Correct what is proposed by program.

       Preference:    dates or model smoothness?       

 3. Depths [cm] to be read out using the model.

           Site name:     Vertical Axis:      Try keys: W = Up, Z = Down, P = Plot
 4. Ages corresponding to depths from 3.