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Cardinal August Hlond
 …  In Poland, a revisionist manipulation of the history of the Holocaust is under way, and Pope Francis may be its unwitting ally.
 …  Indeed, he was the only cardinal to be arrested by the Gestapo
 …  “So long as Jews remain Jews, a Jewish problem exists and will continue to exist.”
 …  blaming Jews for their “corruptive influence on morals,” “pornography,” “fraud,” “usury,” and “prostitution.”
 …  Queen Jadwiga of Poland in 1997, marking the end of Communism.
 …  Hlond’s sainthood cause was initiated in 1992, during the Solidarity era, when his postwar opposition to the Soviets could be highlighted, and it was a failure of full moral responsibility even then. But today, with the reëmergence of anti-Semitism in Poland,  …  /18-07-12

Returning Humans to the Center of the Cosmos
 …  Anthropocene .. the warm period of the past 10–12 millennia
 …  Geology of Mankind
 …  a counter-Copernican revolution
 …  The Anthropocene makes humanity great again.
 …  chairman of the AWG, Jan Zalasiewicz
 …  mobile phones .. have “good fossilization potential.” The phonal layer of the Anthropocene (not to be confused with the faunal layer of the Mesozoic)
 …  humanity is driving a “sixth mass extinction” .. 30,000 species a year
 …  nature is more resilient than is generally assumed
 …  building a robust geosphere–biosphere complex (the ecosphere) in our Galaxy, topped by a life-form that is appropriately tailored for explaining the existence of that complex, and of itself
 …  Ecology is widely perceived as being a theoretical and conceptual basket case .. no known underlying regularities in its basic processes
 …  Since the time of Hutton, geology has struggled to study the Earth as a scientific object separate from the religious, ideological, and political persuasions of the day. With the Anthropocene, that struggle, such as it was, is over. /18-07-11

science and the humanities against each other
 …  "techies" .. "fuzzies" .. an unshakable stereotype
 …  STEM .. vita activa: practical application toward the public good
 …  humanities .. vita contemplativa: imagination, speculation, reflection, and an alignment with higher values beyond the "merely" practical, political, and economic.
 …  useful versus useless, material versus idealistic, narrowly careerist versus broadly learned.
 …  transdisciplinary thinking .. speak languages of multiple disciplines
 …  we need to eliminate the existing hierarchy of subjects /18-07-11

Thomas Bayes and the crisis in science
 …  Footnotes to Plato
 …  We are living in new Bayesian age.
 …  Statisticians increasingly rely on Bayesian logic. Even our email spam filters work on Bayesian principles.
 …  It is only over the past couple of decades that the tide has turned. //for example: AW, 1983//
 …  This states that the probability of A given B equals the probability of B given A, times the probability of A, divided by the probability of B.
 …  The focus of his paper is not his theorem, which appears only in passing, but the logic of learning from evidence.
 …  initial probabilities to the hypotheses
 …  “prior probabilities” are not always available
 …  instead they cooked up the idea of “significance tests”. Don’t worry about prior probabilities, they said. Just reject your hypothesis if you observe results that would be very unlikely if it were true.
 …  Fisherians .. Neyman-Pearsonians
 …  the normally recommended level was 5 per cent
 …  In truth, this is nonsense on stilts. One of the great scandals of modern intellectual life is the way generations of statistics students have been indoctrinated into the farrago of significance testing.
 …  Science is currently said to be suffering a “replicability crisis”.
 …  “the Bayesian brain”
 …  unsurprisingly, many mainstream university statistics departments are still unready
 …  Some defenders of the old regime have suggested that the remedy is to “raise the significance level” from 5 per cent to, say, 0.1 per cent
 …  a researcher shows me data that would only occur one time in a 1,000 if the position of Jupiter were irrelevant to British election results, I’ll respond that this leaves the idea of a Jovian influence on the British voter only slightly less crazy than it always was. /18-07-11

Universal Basic Income
 …  somewhere around a thousand dollars a month: enough to live on—somewhere in America, at least—but not nearly enough to live on well.
 …  Finland launched a pilot version .. not to extend
 …  Pilots have run in Canada, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Iran.
 …  Robots, we are told, will drive us from our jobs.
 …  new taxes on income, carbon, estates, pollution, and the like.
 …  Elon Musk has said it will be “necessary.”
 …  a society with a basic income has no pressure to pay employees a good wage
 …  our aptitude for managing the future is no stronger than our skill at making sense out of the past. /18-07-04

The Consciousness Instinct: Unraveling the Mystery of How the Brain Makes the Mind
Michael S. Gazzaniga
 …  These bondmakers and copymakers came into existence trough random molecular re-sorting. It was the existence of copymaker molecules that set the process of evolution into motion. (at 62%)
 …  enzymes require quantum effects and that life would be impossible in a strictly quantum world. Both are needed: a quantum layer and a classical physical layer.
 …  We aren't actually missing the illusion; rather, we are missing the fact that our smoothly flowing consciousness is itself an illusion. /18-07-03

AI researchers are boycotting the new Nature journal
 …  Academics share machine-learning research freely. Taxpayers should not have to pay twice to read our findings
 …  the business of academic publishing
 …  Nature Machine Intelligence. The publisher now has 53 journals that bear the Nature name.
 …  Nature is the Rolex of academic publishing. But in contrast to Rolex .. We are the watchmakers, they are merely the distributors. /18-06-28

We fear death, but what if dying isn't as bad as we think?
 …  eight in ten Brits are uncomfortable talking about death
 …  Researchers analysed the writing of regular bloggers with either terminal cancer or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who all died over the course of the study, and compared it to blog posts written by a group of participants who were told to imagine they had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only had only a few months to live.
 …  Blog posts from the terminally ill were found to have considerably more positive words and fewer negative ones than those imagining they were dying – and their use of positive language increased as they got close to death.
 …  some kind of acceptance and focusing on the positive because they know they don’t have a lot of time left.
 …  we’re also mentally adaptable. We can be happy in prison, in hospital, and we can be happy at the edge of death as well
 …  less negative because the mystery around death was removed.
 …  the UK and the US are death-denying cultures /18-06-28

Diamonds Are A Lie /18-06-28

incomprehensible rise of a charlatan despot
 …  Turks Voted Away Their Democracy
 …  they didn't get a fair vote on any level
 …  Chavez and Maduro and Putin and Sisi
 …  Those people are new to democracy. We're safe.
 …  The enigma of populist authoritarianism has come full circle.
 …  Marginal victory of dubious opacity used as a mandate to effect major constitutional changes. Personalization of power and erosion of independent state institutions. /18-06-28

Save Ignorance From AI
 …  tree of knowledge .. real-life decisions need to strike a delicate balance between choosing to know, and choosing not to.
 …  There is no protected “right not to know.”
 …  the patient has the right not to be informed
 …  not knowing the sex of an unborn child
 …  once big data sets have been collected, there are many ways to infer “forbidden knowledge” in circuitous ways.
 …  Germany passed legislation that prohibits self-driving cars from identifying people on the street by their race, age, and gender.
 …  But restricting data collection too severely may impede progress and undermine the benefits we stand to gain from AI. Who should decide on these tradeoffs?
 …  we need to create and maintain ethical standards that can survive the coming of AI, /18-06-26

Could AI be used to redistribute wealth justly?
 …  If AI rationally allocates resources through big data analysis, and if robust feedback loops can supplant the imperfections of “the invisible hand”
 …  a planned economy that actually works could at last be achievable.
 …  Marx .. to each according to their needs
 …  Even if there were the political will to have a machine guide .. to agree on what the ideal distribution of wealth would be.
 …  Basic Income
 …  Bill Gates’ proposed tax on robotic workers
 …  The advent of artificial intelligence offers us more freedom from work than our ancestors could have dreamed. /18-06-22

publish papers, typically the more the better
 …  independent, usually anonymous .. a quality-control process now known as peer review
 …  Experts debate how many journals falsely claim to engage in peer review.
 …  Cabells .. has compiled a blacklist .. 8,700 journals
 …  the number of articles published in questionable journals has ballooned from about 53,000 a year in 2010 to more than 400,000 today
 …  6% of academic papers by researchers in America appear in such journals
 …  many have stopped selling subscriptions. Instead, they charge authors
 …  This “open access” business model has the advantage of increasing the dissemination of knowledge, but it also risks corrupting the knowledge thus disseminated.
 …  What can be done about all this is hard to say.
 …  too many academic administrators have no research experience
 …  to abandon anonymous peer review altogether, and make the process open and transparent.
 …  a return to journal subscriptions. /18-06-22

DAR - Duchowa Adopcja Reprezentanta.
 …  Uruchamiamy ją specjalnie dla kadrowiczów i Adama Nawałki. Wystarczy, że klikniesz poniżej, a system losujący wyłoni piłkarza (lub trenera), któremu możesz szczególnie towarzyszyć przez cały turniej.
 …  Dobrze wiemy, że najlepszą pomocą jest modlitwa .. odmawiaj ją każdego dnia
 …  Modlitwa kibica
 …  Panie Boże, chcę prosić za zawodników mojej ulubionej drużyny.
 …  Szczególnie proszę Cię za [tu wymień wylosowanego reprezentanta]
 …  Amen. /

brains optimize performance by staying near .. the critical point between two phases
 …  a grand unified theory of how the brain works
 …  Its exquisitely ordered complexity and thinking ability arise spontaneously, he contended, from the disordered electrical activity of neurons.
 …  a volume in phase space where the system can adapt to work efficiently and optimally
 …  the brain is slightly subcritical
 …  For intense cognitive tasks that require integration of a lot of information .. the brain would benefit by being as close to criticality as possible.
 …  if circumstances require a faster, more intuitive response, it’s better to be farther below the critical point
 …  the asynchronous irregular states /18-06-18

Y Chromosome
 …  It’s not just what makes males into males. The sex chromosome also influences health in hidden ways, some experts believe, and may even explain why men have shorter life spans.
 …  Y chromosome participates in an array of essential, general-interest tasks in men, like stanching cancerous growth, keeping arteries clear and blocking the buildup of amyloid plaque in the brain.
 …  he loss of the Y chromosome with age explains a very large proportion of the increased mortality in men, compared to women /18-06-13

An Inconvenient New Neutrino?
 …  The Standard Model, which is a theory of nearly everything (gravity being an exception) likes things in threes. There are, for example, three colors of quarks, just as there were three neutrinos types—until very recently: .. the possible existence of a fourth type of neutrino that does not fit into any theoretical model. /18-06-13

Trees That Have Lived for Millennia Are Suddenly Dying
 …  Around 1,500 years ago, shortly after the collapse of the Roman Empire, a baobab tree started growing in what is now Namibia.
 …  The oldest baobabs are collapsing, and there's only one likely explanation.
 …  70 percent of your 1,500 to 2,000-year-old trees died within 12 years, it certainly is not normal, .. “It is difficult to come up with a culprit other than climate change.” /18-06-13

The Standard Model
 …  Sheldon Lee Glashow
 …  In this part, I describe the Standard Model of particle physics, which encompasses three of the four forces of nature. Gravity seems to play no role in the subatomic world.
 …   …   …   …  /18-06-13

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