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Zapraszam na Górny Śląsk, na wystawy zbiorowe z udziałem moich zdjęć:

niedziela 3 września 1100, Rybnik, Hoym Industry Fest

środa 6 września 1900, Tarnowskie Góry, Przebłysk

Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

death of the internal combustion engine
 …  HUMAN inventiveness…has still not found a mechanical process to replace horses .. in December 1893
 …  The big end
 …  Rapid gains in battery technology
 …  “total cost of ownership” of an electric car will reach parity with a petrol one next year—albeit at a loss to its manufacturer.
 …  Britain joined a lengthening list of electric-only countries, saying that all new cars must be zero-emission by 2050
 …  electric cars are much simpler
 …  Assuming, of course, that people want to own cars at all.
 …  self-driving technology .. could shrink the industry by as much as 90%
 …  Saudi Arabia, with vast reserves that can be tapped cheaply, will be under pressure to get pumping before it is too late
 …  lithium-rich Chile the new Saudi Arabia? Not exactly, because electric cars do not consume it
 …  still dominate shipping and aviation
 …  Driverless electric cars in the 21st century are likely to improve the world in profound and unexpected ways, just as vehicles powered by internal combustion engines did in the 20th. /17-08-10

From Bacteria to Bach and Back
 …  qualia
 …  For Dennett this apparent irreducibility – philosophers call it “the hard problem” – is a false distinction.
 …  Consciousness is a system property, and is not reducible: he takes issue with those hard-line molecular biologists, notably DNA pioneer Francis Crick, who seek to locate consciousness in particular ensembles of neurons in specific brain regions. Such ensembles, Dennett argues, are mini-robots, competent in their functions, but only their interactions within the totality of the brain enable comprehension, and with it the “user illusion” that we all share, of being a person in charge of these processes.
 …  Here, his principal target is Chomsky, who has always insisted on the uniqueness and universality of human language. As Chomsky points out, language is unlike any other evolved human feature.
 …  the origins of language lie in the social nature of humans and come from the necessity of communicating
 …  Memes are, for Dennett, units of cultural transmission.
 …  Civilisation .. is a work in progress. It may die, returning the planet to the bacteria, or, .. The future is open. /17-08-08

brain interventions to treat disease change the essence of who we are
 …  minds are dependent on brain
 …  we’ve been largely powerless to affect the way that brains work, at least in a systematic way
 …  neuroscientists have now started to develop novel methods of intervening in brain function
 …  they may put pressure on some basic beliefs and concepts that have been fundamental to how we view the world
 …  growing array of psychopharmaceuticals
 …  direct or transcranial electrical stimulation of cortex, magnetic induction of electrical activity, and focal stimulation of deep brain structures
 …  Transgenic manipulations
 …  to correct some neurodevelopmental problems in utero
 …  over 100,000 cyborgs are already walking among us, in some sense powered by or controlled by the steady zapping of their brain circuits with electrical pulses
 …  Deep brain stimulation
 …  neuroscience answers push us toward philosophy questions
 …  exploration of the truth about our brains and our selves
 …  Is there some immutable kernel of a person that is the self, or an essence that resists change?
 …  what have previously seemed like the abstract puzzles of philosophers may soon be seen to hit closer to home /17-08-07

 …  66.1 million years ago .. K/Pg (Cretaceous-Palaeogen)
 …  It was not until 2013 that we had sufficiently precise datings for the impact and the extinctions to be sure that they really coincided
 …  We can roughly locate the impact by the thickness of the boundary layer.
 …  Chicxulub crater
 …  tsunami produced by the impact
 …  landed at a speed of some 40,000 miles an hour into the shallow sea
 …  10 billion Hiroshimas
 …  About nine miles across
 …  The initial impact would dig a hole 20 miles deep, and 120 miles across. Deep rock would rise as high as the Himalayas, and then collapse to form the observed impact ring, all within 10 minutes. The impact fireball would kill everything within a 600 mile radius. A shock wave would spread out through the solid earth, and a monstrous tsunami through the oceans. The atmosphere would have seen hurricane force winds, and rock condensing in the upper atmosphere would produce a rain of tiny glass spheres
 …  Edelman Fossil Park in New Jersey .. sudden indiscriminate killing
 …  the missing gypsum must have been destroyed by the heat of the impact, sending sulphur dioxide gas up into the atmosphere
 …  Extrapolating from Mt Pinatubo and other recent eruptions
 …  to reduce temperatures worldwide by more than 10C, while acid rain would also have contributed to the death of much marine life
 …  Where did those ten minutes come from? .. the asteroid would have missed the shallow gypsum-rich continental shelf
 …  Who survived? Small creatures able to feed on insects and seeds, not dependent on the products of day-by-day photosynthesis. /17-08-07

humankind has never had it so good
 …  Brexit .. Donald Trump
 …  the proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty had fallen below 10% for the first time; global carbon emissions from fossil fuels had failed to rise for the third year running; the death penalty had been ruled illegal in more than half of all countries
 …  by many measures, “2016 was the best year in the history of humanity”
 …  the promise of artificial intelligence
 …  the New Optimists
 …  that it is best explained as the result of various psychological biases that served a purpose on the prehistoric savannah – but now, in a media-saturated era, constantly mislead us
 …  As recently as 1882, only 2% of homes in New York had running water; in 1900, worldwide life expectancy was a paltry 31
 …  The New Optimists invite us to forget our partisan biases and tribal loyalties
 …  Just look at the numbers!
 …  Steven Pinker
 …  it is scientific progress, he argues, that is destined to make us ever more ethical
 …  overconfidence
 …  Trump .. at some point, the damage may not be repairable
 …  the things that drive progress are not political /17-08-06

Sean Carroll's attempt to construct morality out of quantum field theory
 …  The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself
 …  I don't think I have ever read anything with a bigger ambition
 …  “Our values,” writes Carroll, “have not yet caught up to our best ontology.” In this book, he conducts a quest to catch up.
 …  Quantum field theory provides a unified perspective on the subatomic realm. Carroll calls that the “Core Theory”
 …  the absurdity of adding to the Core Theory to explain the possibility of things such as an afterlife or a transcendent underlying purpose
 …  Like entropy, he argues, consciousness is a concept that “we invent to give ourselves more useful and efficient descriptions of the world”.
 …  “poetic naturalism”
 …  Carroll confidently defines many concepts, including belief and consciousness, as if 2,500 years of philosophy have yielded little relevant to the subject
 …  “ontologically fastidious”
 …  Morality exists only insofar as we make it so
 …  time, he means the quantity that scientists measure
 …  Carroll's is a naturalistic metaphysics. /17-08-06

Ravens have paranoid, abstract thoughts about other minds
 …  The ability to think abstractly about other minds is singled out by many as a uniquely human trait. Now,
 …  Theory of Mind
 …  The ability to hide food is extremely important to ravens, and they behave completely differently when they feel they are being watched
 …  Completing this evolutionary and developmental picture will bring us much closer to figuring out what's really unique about the human mind /17-07-21

 …  There might be some pre-geometry, that would give rise to geometry just like atoms give rise to the continuum of elastic bodies.
 …  The flow of time is an illusion
 …  there are intervals of time between different events; that’s what clocks measure.
 …  it’s a feeling we have, but it’s not a property of time itself.
 …  Time doesn’t flow. That’s part of psychology.
 …  even space-time itself is a product of the special early stage of the universe. We don’t know that.
 …  the ultimate origin of the arrow of time, which is the asymmetry of the world in time, is still a bit contentious.
 …  there’s still experiments can be done in particle physics that might disclose this time-reversal asymmetry which is there in the weak interaction, and how that fits in with the arrow of time. /17-07-21

the brain creates a representation in our heads of the world around us
 …  consciousness
 …  the idea that experience, and in particular color, is all generated in the brain—leads to some sloppy science
 …  The question of what’s “there” or what’s “now” is complex.
 …  Neuroscientists can’t disprove it, or prove that the experience is “generated” in the head.
 …  Rather than doing any real science, we are hearing fantasies about downloading consciousness into computers and the like. /17-07-21

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