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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

Ravens have paranoid, abstract thoughts about other minds
 …  The ability to think abstractly about other minds is singled out by many as a uniquely human trait. Now,
 …  Theory of Mind
 …  The ability to hide food is extremely important to ravens, and they behave completely differently when they feel they are being watched
 …  Completing this evolutionary and developmental picture will bring us much closer to figuring out what's really unique about the human mind /17-07-21

 …  There might be some pre-geometry, that would give rise to geometry just like atoms give rise to the continuum of elastic bodies.
 …  The flow of time is an illusion
 …  there are intervals of time between different events; that’s what clocks measure.
 …  it’s a feeling we have, but it’s not a property of time itself.
 …  Time doesn’t flow. That’s part of psychology.
 …  even space-time itself is a product of the special early stage of the universe. We don’t know that.
 …  the ultimate origin of the arrow of time, which is the asymmetry of the world in time, is still a bit contentious.
 …  there’s still experiments can be done in particle physics that might disclose this time-reversal asymmetry which is there in the weak interaction, and how that fits in with the arrow of time. /17-07-21

the brain creates a representation in our heads of the world around us
 …  consciousness
 …  the idea that experience, and in particular color, is all generated in the brain—leads to some sloppy science
 …  The question of what’s “there” or what’s “now” is complex.
 …  Neuroscientists can’t disprove it, or prove that the experience is “generated” in the head.
 …  Rather than doing any real science, we are hearing fantasies about downloading consciousness into computers and the like. /17-07-21

Trump’s speech at Krasinski Square, in Warsaw, boosted Poland’s ruling right-wing party but produced few other tangible results.
 …  Jarosław Kaczyński, the Party’s leader, touted Trump’s visit as a “new success” for Poland
 …  a method from the old Communist playbook
 …  free bus rides to Warsaw
 …  “Poles for Poland.”
 …  Copernicus, Chopin, and John Paul II
 …  Poland will be free now. /17-06-08

 …  the boom in bitcoin, a digital currency, is extraordinary
 …  If bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies are unlike anything else, what are they?
 …  how to maintain a public database (the “blockchain”) without anybody in particular, a bank, say, being in charge
 …  decentralised upstarts taking aim at today’s oligopolistic technology giants, such as Amazon and Facebook /17-06-30

Distance Between Language and Truth
 …  Radio is a spectral art, transmitted through the air; its pure aurality disembodies the teller and the tale.
 …  People, too, he says, can’t always been seen because “one day they die.” Reality, it seems, is full of holes.
 …  Not seeing becomes a kind of Cartesian believing.
 …  an artist whose vision is limited to what is right in front of him, literally outside his window. He suffers a crisis of faith, questioning the value of “looking more precisely” at certain objects /17-06-30

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