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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

Octopuses .. Genes
 …  incredibly intelligent
 …  RNA editing that’s very rare
 …  fine-tune the information encoded by their genes
 …  RNA editing is still mysterious, and its purpose unclear.
 …  but their genomes are rigid and stagnant.
 …  By changing their RNA rather than their DNA, they might be more effective at adapting to challenges on the fly.
 …  the creatures could turn them on or off depending on the circumstance.
 …  encode experiences in this way. /17-04-26

Elon Musk ... Neuralink wants to redefine what future humans will be
 …  600 million years ago, no one really did anything, ever .. no one had any nerves
 …  The jellyfish was the first animal to figure out that nerves were an obvious thing .. in order to increase the odds of life going well, rather than just floating aimlessly
 …  The flatworm ... a nervous system boss .. first central nervous system .. brain
 …  mammals .. were in touch with complex feelings like love, anger, and fear .. first limbic system
 …  tool-making, hunting strategy, and cooperation with other .. neocortex
 …  the first animal that could think complex thoughts .. symbol .. language
 …  50,000 BC, humans were speaking
 …  Language allows the best epiphanies of the very smartest people, through the generations, to accumulate into a little collective tower of tribal knowledge
 …  Mass cooperation raised the quality of life for everyone, and by 10,000 BC, the first cities had formed.
 …  started writing things down about 5 – 6,000 years ago
 …  Gutenberg .. probably actually invented in China
 …  Machines were better than humans
 …  The first digital computers sprung up in the 1940s.
 …  The internet gave billions of humans instant, free, easily-searchable access to the entire human knowledge
 …  Computers have been a game-changer
 …  computers still can’t quite do. Thinking.
 …  brain-machine interface
 …  catch-22: “If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.” /17-04-26

First evidence for higher state of consciousness found
 …  University of Sussex
 …  increase in neural signal diversity .. under the influence of psychedelic drugs
 …  how conscious level (how conscious one is) and conscious content (what one is conscious of) are related to each other /17-04-19

Is Matter Conscious?
 …  the central problem in neuroscience is mirrored in physics
 …  Our first-person experience, on the other hand, lies beyond the traditional methods of science.
 …  David Chalmers
 …  What is physical matter in and of itself
 …  our consciousness is rooted in the physics and chemistry of the brain
 …  How and why does a system that integrates information, broadcasts a message, or oscillates at 40 hertz feel pain or delight?
 …  there is reason to believe that there must be more to matter than what physics tells us
 …  particles .. how they are in themselves
 …  The hard problem of matter calls for non-structural properties, and consciousness is the one phenomenon we know that might meet this need.
 …  dual-aspect monism
 …  what it is like to be that system
 …  panpsychism
 …  consciousness is the real concrete stuff of reality, the fundamental hardware /17-04-19

The United States launched a missile strike in Syria
 …  Vladimir Putin can’t be pleased
 …  Trump’s basic unpredictability
 …  If Putin’s dream is to sit down with Trump and draw lines on a map of the world, dividing up spheres of influence, how can he do that with such an unreliable counterpart?
 …  for the first time, Assad is paying a price
 …  proportional response /17-04-08

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