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Self-Driving Cars Are Coming
 …  some level of self-driving technology
 …  six levels: 0 Automation: None .. 1 Driver Assistance .. 2 Partial .. 3 Conditional .. 4 High .. 5 Full
 …  level 4 designs might still include a steering column and pedals, in level 5 cars and trucks those features would be unnecessary
 …  Waymo, General Motors (GM), Daimler-Bosch, and Ford .. Waymo, owned by Google parent Alphabet is the clear leader .. over 8 million miles on public roads testing
 …  In theory, reaching a fully autonomous transposition system would have a tremendous impact on overall safety, specifically from reducing the human factor
 …  low volumes of personal, self-driving vehicles rolling out in the mid-2020’s with a more substantial amount coming by 2030.
 …  the economies of scale, .. the idea of autonomous vehicles will in fact work, .. what’s next? /18-10-10

History Of The Whole World YouTube/18-09-30

Kwantowe ekscytacje
Z zachwytem przeczytałem w „PAUzie Akademickiej” 435 wiadomość, iż nauka polska zrodziła perłę najczystszą, klejnot przedziwnej urody, w postaci dzieła wprowadzającego fizykę kwantową do psychologii, a w szczególności do resocjalizacji i reedukacji przestępców, dzięki czemu proces ten, z którym – jak dotąd – nasz wymiar sprawiedliwości kiepsko sobie radzi, stanie się radykalnie skuteczniejszy. Zarówno autor książki przedstawiającej tę ideę oraz wspierający ją recenzenci pracują w Polsce (a nie na jakimś zachodnim uniwersytecie), można zatem bez wahania uznać to dzieło za największe osiągnięcie nauki ojczystej w ostatnich latach. Teraz trzeba tylko, by kompetentny tłumacz udostępnił je uczonym i rządom na całym świecie.
Doceniając wielkość i oryginalność idei trzeba jednak powiedzieć, że profesor Rudowski nie jest pierwszym, ani jedynym, który mechanikę kwantową twórczo stosuje w tych przestrzeniach myśli ludzkiej, do których samym fizykom na myśl nie przyszło by sięgać. Kilka lat temu moja powinowata, studentka architektury w Wiedniu, pisała pracę magisterską pod kierunkiem jednego z tamtejszych profesorów. Uczony ów, specjalista od urbanistyki i architektury krajobrazu, lansował pomysł, by przestrzeń miejską kształtować za pomocą fizyki kwantowej. Niestety jego dzieła, pisane po niemiecku, były mi niedostępne. Przypuszczam, że koncepcja kwantowego miasta jest nieco mniej śmiała, twórcza i rewolucyjna niż kwantowa pieriekowka dusz (na początek tylko kryminalistów) w wizji profesora UW, tym niemniej każdy winien czuć podziw dla rozmachu jego myśli. Poproszony o pomoc, usunąłem z pracy tego dziewczęcia wszystkie fałszywe stwierdzenia dotyczące samej mechaniki kwantowej, natomiast w ogóle nie ingerowałem w propozycje kwantowego formowania przestrzeni mieszkalnej. Zapewne tylko konserwatyzm, strach przed wielką ideą i zwykła ludzka zawiść sprawiły, że do dziś Wiedeń nie może chlubić się pięknem kwantowej dzielnicy mieszkaniowej.
Co jest w mechanice kwantowej, że tak ekscytuje ludzi?
Leszek M. Sokołowski, Obserwatorium Astronomiczne UJ /PAUza Akademicka/18-09-28

A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come. Polarization. Conspiracy theories. Attacks on the free press. An obsession with loyalty. Recent events in the United States follow a pattern Europeans know all too well.
 …  Is democracy dying?
 …  Telewizja Polska .. anti-Polish forces seek to blame Poland for Auschwitz
 …  a progovernment, Catholic-conspiratorial radio station called Radio Maryja.
 …  the illiberal one-party state, now found all over the world—think of China, Venezuela, Zimbabwe—was first developed by Lenin, in Russia, starting in 1917.
 …  Unlike Marxism, the Leninist one-party state is not a philosophy. It is a mechanism for holding power.
 …  but in modern Britain, America, Germany, France, and until recently Poland, we have assumed that competition is the most just and efficient way to distribute power.
 …  In Europe, two such illiberal parties are now in power: Law and Justice, in Poland, and Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party, in Hungary.
 …  The Polish foreign service also wants to drop its requirement that diplomats know two foreign languages, a bar that was too high for favored candidates to meet.*
 …  nepotism, state capture
 …  Kaczyński
 …  Ciemny lud to kupi
 …  in Poland, and in Hungary too, we now have examples of what happens when a Medium-Size Lie—a conspiracy theory—is propagated first by a political party as the central plank of its election campaign, and then by a ruling party, with the full force of a modern, centralized state apparatus behind it.
 …  Smolensk conspiracy theory
 …  After the president had a brief phone call with his brother, his advisers apparently pressed the pilots to land.
 …  Like the Polish government, the Hungarian state promotes a Medium-Size Lie .. George Soros
 …  Polarization is normal. Skepticism about liberal democracy is normal. And the appeal of authoritarianism is eternal. /The Atlantic/18-09-26

custom playlists for users based on DNA
 …  More than 15 million people have now traded their spit for insights into their family history.
 …  making DNA out to be far more important in our cultural identities than it is, in order to sell more stuff.
 …  what it means to get a surprise result of, say, 15 percent German. If you speak no German, celebrate no German traditions, have never cooked German food, and know no Germans, what connection is there, really? Cultural identity is the sum total of all of these experiences. DNA alone does not supersede it.
 …  DNA-testing companies are careful not to use racial categories
 …  a trip around the world to visit the places revealed in the DNA test .. a travel website /18-09-26

Thomas Kuhn Kill Truth
 …  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions .. paradigm shifts
 …  scientific theories from before and after a scientific revolution cannot be compared in a straightforward way; they are “incommensurable”
 …  there isn’t any such thing as absolute progress
 …  Kuhn’s skepticism .. is poisonous
 …  mathematical notion of incommensurability .. the sides and the diagonal of a square
 …  Hippasus’ upending of conventional math is like a paradigm shift that the guardians of the old paradigm tried to prevent by killing him?
 …  no coherent reading of Kuhn’s philosophy
 …  Kuhnians, those truth-deniers, are easy marks for Nazis.
 …  a line from Kuhn to .. Donald Trump
 …  Kuhn’s strange insistence that changes in scientific paradigms change not only the way scientists investigate the world, but the very world itself.
 …  “at the heart of Kripke’s work” is that “language is not just about us and our thoughts; it directly — unmediated by our opinions and beliefs — connects us with the world.”
 …  Kant .. “3 + 5 = 8” is true a priori
 …  Kripke .. possible worlds
 …  Kuhn calls his final view “a sort of post-Darwinian Kantianism.”
 …  biological evolution could provide a model for the development of science. The diversification of living things into different species, each with a specialized environmental niche, has an analogue in the diversification of science into narrowly specialized fields. And much as organisms from different species are unable to interbreed, the specialized lexicons of different scientific fields make it ever more challenging for different scientific specialists to understand one another.
 …  “Like the Kantian categories, the lexicon” .. “supplies preconditions of possible experience.”
 …  Kuhn .. as a relativist, full stop; but this isn’t quite right. Kuhn admits there’s something objectively out there.
 …  “The ways of being-in-the-world which a lexicon provides are not candidates for true/false.” This is a “coherence theory” of truth /18-09-24

scientists is studying science itself
 …  the realization that science isn't always the rigorous, objective search for knowledge it is supposed to be.
 …  “journalology”
 …  establishing reporting standards to the recent push to make study data freely available for others to explore
 …  Metaresearchers sometimes need a thick skin; not all scientists are grateful when their long-standing practices are questioned.
 …  If we understand better what we're doing, we might be able to do it better. /18-09-23

Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture
 …  more than 500 pages, are written in an impenetrable style, and refer back to a further 500 pages or so of previous work by Mochizuki
 …  a + b = c. The three numbers a, b and c are supposed to be positive integers, and they are not allowed to share any common prime factors — so, for example, we could consider the equation 8 + 9 = 17, or 5 + 16 = 21, but not 6 + 9 = 15, since 6, 9 and 15 are all divisible by 3.
 …  5 + 16 = 21, our primes are 5, 2, 3 and 7. Multiplying these together produces 210, a much larger number than any of the numbers in the original equation. By contrast, for the equation 5 + 27 = 32, whose primes are 5, 3 and 2, the prime product is 30 — a smaller number than the 32
 …  I think the abc conjecture is still open. Anybody has a chance of proving it.
 …  No expert who claims to understand the arguments has succeeded in explaining them to any of the (very many) experts who remain mystified.
 …  I think this should not be considered a proof until Mochizuki does some very substantial revisions and explains this key step much better. /18-09-23

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