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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

natural selection of bad science  …  replication crisis  …  Sociology, economics, climate science and ecology  …  studying very complex systems with a dearth of formal mathematical theory creates good conditions for low reproducibility  …  low statistical power  …  random noise in the data appears to be a real phenomenon of interest  …  the pressure to publish is corrosive and anti-intellectual /16-09-27

Consciousness and Downward Causation  …  qualia, the irreducibly subjective components of our experience of the world.  …  zombies are harder to conceive of than you might originally have guessed  …  respect for the laws of physics, but an insistence that consciousness can’t reduce to the physical
1. Consciousness cannot be accounted for by physical particles obeying mindless equations.
2. Human beings seem to be made up — even if not exclusively — of physical particles.
3. To the best of our knowledge, those particles obey mindless equations, without exception.
4. Therefore, consciousness does not exist.
 …  emergent, but that word means different things to different people  …  an electron is determined by the local values of other quantum fields at the position of the electron — and by nothing else /Sean Carroll/16-09-13

Science Should Stay Clear of Metaphysics  …  “realists” and “anti-realists.”  …  “anti-realists” or “empiricists”  …  van Fraassen  …  He rescued empiricism from the dead end of logical positivism  …  rain gods, musical spheres, phlogiston, ether, multiple universes, big bangs, cosmic inflation, dark matter, dark energy, and singularities. A scientist who believes in the existence of these unobserved entities  …  “empirical adequacy”  …  By way of example, there is evidence for what goes on inside a proton, but that does not allow us to assume the existence of quarks.  …  It is a matter of fact whether or not electrons are real.  …  The physical world is certainly real  …  The role of science is to create theories that are useful in making predictions about the observable world.  …  The sole criterion of scientific success is empirical success.  …  The realist disagrees, “No! Empirical adequacy does not go far enough. The criterion of scientific success is that a theory has to be entirely true.”  …  Can science explain religion and spirituality?  …  category mistake /16-09-13

Noam Chomsky  …  fails to support Chomsky’s assertions  …  learning of a child’s first language does not rely on an innate grammar module  …  ability to classify the world into categories  …  relations among things  …  to grasp what others intend to communicate  …  if you understand what language is, you comprehend a little bit more about human nature  …  2002 .. computational recursion  …  a single genetic mutation that occurred be­tween 100,000 and 50,000 years ago  …  the notion of universal grammar is plain wrong  …  usage-based linguistics  …  The grammar must be something they discern beyond the words themselves, given that the sentences share little in common at the word level. /16-09-09

Art of the lie  …  Politicians have always lied.  …  Trump is the leading exponent of “post-truth” politics  …  “feel true” but have no basis in fact  …  And he is not alone. Members of Poland’s government assert that a previous president, who died in a plane crash, was assassinated by Russia. Turkish politicians claim  …  Britain to leave  …  If, like this newspaper, you believe that politics should be based on evidence, this is worrying.  …  the heart of what is new: that truth is not falsified, or contested, but of secondary importance  …  Feelings, not facts  …  us-versus-them mindset  …  lies, rumour and gossip spread with alarming speed  …  NASA scientist says Mars is probably uninhabited; Professor Snooks says it is teeming with aliens. It’s really a matter of opinion.  …  Pro-truthers stand and be counted  …  The truth has powerful forces on its side.  …  who makes contradictory promises to different audiences will soon be exposed on Facebook or YouTube  …  especially those that draw on science  …  The deeper worry is for countries like Russia and Turkey /16-09-09

Smarter brains are blood-thirsty brains  …  size of two holes at the base of the skull  …  Brain size has increased about 350% over human evolution, but we found that blood flow to the brain increased an amazing 600% /16-09-07

nanotube transistors outperform silicon  …  wireless communications technologies that require a lot of current flowing across a relatively small area  …  five times faster or use five times less energy /16-09-07

nuclear fusion  …  physicists have been trying to build commercially viable nuclear fusion devices for more than 60 years now  …  at least 100 million degrees Celsius  …  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)  …  more compact spherical tokamaks  …  We'll have to wait /16-09-07

Uber  …  to the fury of taxi drivers everywhere  …  self-driving vehicles  …  people forgo car ownership altogether  …  It will transform daily life as profoundly as cars did in the 20th century  …  reshaping cities  …  reducing road deaths and pollution /16-09-06

Are we really so modern?  …  Enlightenment philosophers  …  Copernicus in 1543  …  philosopher is a professor of philosophy  …  discovery of America destroyed established geography, the Reformation destroyed the established Church, and astronomy destroyed the established cosmos.  …  It’s impossible to imagine what, if anything, could produce a comparable effect on us today.  …  our universe is actually a simulation run on a computer  …  One of the most popular names for the unexplainable is God /16-08-31

What became of the Christian intellectuals?  …  “nativism,” “reactionary,” even “fascism” appear in political conversation  …  religious ressentiment  …  decline of Christian (or “Judeo-Christian”) civilization  …  They should be intellectuals who speak the language of other intellectuals, including the most purely secular, but they should also be fluent in the concepts and practices of faith.  …  serious Christian intellectuals  …  interpreters and watchmen  …  Finkelstein  …  What democracy needed was a metaphysical justification  …  the Christian intellectual was the product of World War II  …  The Christian intellectuals chose to disappear.  …  very different authority: the scientist  …  The term “Judeo-Christian” is almost coterminous with the Cold War  …  anti-intellectualism in American life  …  fear is not a Christian habit of mind  …  a difference, not however between a closed environment and an open one but between environments that are differently closed  …  dilemmas that Christian intellectuals began to face in the Sixties and still face today, and perhaps no solution at all  …  you grow more and more public but less and less intellectual  …  separate-but-equal domains  …  rise of illiberal and confrontational movements that often seem to be rooted in religious identity  …  Richard Rorty comment, “Of course the theists can talk, but we don’t have to listen” /16-08-30

Death and Doctors  …  The mortality rate of human beings is still 100%  …  the least attractive stage of human life, the years beyond ninety  …  thank you, but no.  …  euthanasia  …  still the act remains as fearful as ever  …  absolute irreversibility of the procedure  …  that is what the patient wanted. But did he?  …  if you want to die in an acceptable manner, you have to actually try to escape from the hospital to a hospice /16-08-30

galaxy has been discovered  …  made almost entirely of dark matter  …  Dragonfly 44  …  300 million light years away  …  scientists have no idea what dark matter is /16-08-29

Wastefulness of Modern Dining /16-08-29

A.I.  …  artificial intelligence .. try to imitate or augment human intelligence  …  The first is recognition intelligence .. can recognize patterns  …  The second stage is cognitive intelligence .. making inferences from data.  …  The third stage will be reached only when we can create virtual human beings, who can think, act, and behave as humans do.  …  It’s ironic that we define artificial intelligence with respect to its ability to replicate human intelligence  …  man-machine symbiosis  …  computers do the best they can (that is being consistent, objective, precise), and humans do our best (creative, imprecise but adaptive) /16-08-28

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