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 …  the flow and shape of a tune that encourages you to predict its direction and follow along? Or is it that the lyrics
 …  the melody is so familiar
 …  explanatory mechanisms for musical pleasure
 …  Aristotle .. the tones of a melody could work together with a text in order to imitate the natural world.
 …  soundtrack
 …  18th-century .. music was naturally disposed to imitate the sounds of the emotions.
 …  a melody as a distant echo of something more primal
 …  indefiniteness and open-endedness of musical representation .. Diderot in 1751, ‘poetry describes it, but music only excites an idea of it
 …  It’s enjoyable to create meanings out of the abstract energy of musical performances.
 …  Imitation in fugues is not of nature, but instead of the fugue subject itself.
 …  the inability to track the unfurling of all the intricate and interlacing lines of a Bach fugue has the capacity to generate the melancholic awe and subsequent pleasure associated with what the German philosopher Immanuel Kant in 1764 called the mathematical sublime.
 …  musical complexity a potential for the experience of limitlessness.
 …  The pleasure of listening to music .. arises from the intellectual satisfaction that derives from attempting to follow the compositional design of a piece.
 …  intellectual flux and reflux
 …  It is precisely our difficulty in interpreting music that affords our pleasure as listeners
 …  Langer .. music .. is an ‘unconsummated symbol’, meaning that its significance is implied rather than being fixed. /18-09-08

Profesor Tomasz Rudowski
 …  z Wydziału Stosowanych Nauk Społecznych i Resocjalizacji Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego opublikował dzieło naukowe pt. Resocjalizacja przez sztukę sakralną w kontekście psychologii kwantowej
 …  "Fizycy kwantowi udowodnili, że rozwój świadomości od- bywa się nie tyle na drodze ewolucji Darwina, co reinkarnacji myślenia w polu kwantowej świadomości"
 …  "Zgodnie z fizyką kwantową... daje się wykreślić hipotetyczne krzywe będące falami odpowiadającymi wierze i nadziei w przestrzeni"
 …  IWO BIAŁYNICKI-BIRULA i ŁUKASZ A. TURSKI, PAUza Akademicka 6 września /18-09-07

math can teach us about finding order in our chaotic lives
 …  we search for a pattern that eliminates some of the chaos.
 …  if there were a computer that would simply calculate the Kolmogorov complexity of any string? .. computer tools like AI, deep learning, big data, quantum computing, etc., it would be easy to create such a computer.
 …  the Kolmogorov complexity of a string cannot be computed.
 …  While a computer might find some pattern in a string, it cannot find the best pattern.
 …  We will simply never know if the pattern that we have found is the best one.
 …  But that makes the search eternally interesting. .. something is interesting if it demands more thought.
 …  We want to know that there is some meaning, purpose, and significance in the world around us.
 …  We are biologically programmed to find some patterns that explain what they see.
 …  Really good literature .. leaves us with the possibility of many interpretations. We come face to face with the incomputability of the Kolmogorov complexity. /18-09-02

The End of Theoretical Physics
 …  That we are able to write down natural laws in mathematical form at all means that the laws we deal with are simple — much simpler than those of other scientific disciplines.
 …  actually solving those equations is often not so simple.
 …  not from more sophisticated math but from more computing power.
 …  quantum behavior of space and time itself
 …  a quantum simulation to study so-called spin networks, structures that, in some theories, constitute the fundamental fabric of space-time.
 …  to simulate the information processing of black holes with ultracold atom gases.
 …  This line of research raises some big questions. First of all, if we can simulate what we now believe to be fundamental by using composite quasiparticles, then maybe what we currently think of as fundamental — space and time and the 25 particles that make up the Standard Model of particle physics — is made up of an underlying structure, too.
 …  With quantum simulations, the mathematical model is of secondary relevance.
 …  experimentalists will just learn which system maps to which other system /18-08-31

Edit a human
 …  Jennifer Doudna
 …  This story begins nearly four billion years ago
 …  A long stringy molecule found a way to copy itself.
 …  tiniest increments generation after generation .. mutations .. to be stronger, faster, fly
 …  this process has led one particular organism – us – to grow large brains
 …  to shrink evolutionary time .. to manipulate the blind stumblings of random mutations
 …  Humans had advanced so far that we were finally able to control our own evolution.
 …  CRISPR-Cas9
 …  a conference of 500 ethicists, scientists and lawyers in 2015
 …  The labs in China had destroyed the embryos .. Far sooner than predicted, a threshold had been crossed.
 …  Clustered Regularly Interspersed Palindromic Repeats, or CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”)
 …  CRISPR might do more than make yogurt cheaper
 …  Eventually, a CRISPR baby will be born. The technology is too easy. There is no world government to stop its use; many argue no one should do so anyway. At the point that baby emerges, perhaps modified to evade a particular disease or perhaps even to look a particular way, theoretical debates will become real.
 …  Every week a new paper is published finding more genes that influence looks, intelligence, stamina, even sexuality.
 …  say, ‘I want my kid to be this tall, have this colour of eye, this level of IQ,’ and all those sorts of things. I think that would be terrible.
 …  that chapter is just beginning. /18-08-30

 …  observed the Lyman-alpha electronic transition in the antihydrogen atom
 …  Finding any slight difference between the behaviour of antimatter and matter would rock the foundations of the Standard Model of particle physics and perhaps cast light on why the universe is made up almost entirely of matter, even though equal amounts of antimatter should have been produced in the Big Bang.
 …  ALPHA .. CERN /18-08-30

evolutionary psychological science
 …  Darwin’s ideas to issues of behavior, stood up, smiled at the rain, and pushed forward.
 …  The evolutionary perspective allows you to think about any and all psychological phenomena in a broader perspective.
 …  Humans are disgusted by stimuli that have the capacity to decrease the probability of survival and/or reproductive success.
 …  Obesity and resultant health issues such as cardiac disease are largely the result of an evolutionary mismatch between ancestral food offerings compared with modern, highly unnatural food offerings
 …  Large-scale politics are a mess partly because the human mind only evolved to deal with small-scale politics
 …  The evolutionary perspective has cracked the code on love in humans
 …  evolutionary psychology is a superpower. /18-08-29

new brain cell found in people
 …  a dense, bushy bundle that is present in people but seems to be missing in mice.
 …  uppermost layer of the cortex
 …  raises the question of whether these neurons are key to certain brain functions that separate us from mice. /18-08-29

Genes Refract Chance
 …  23andMe .. technology, contra astrology
 …  who I am
 …  This disproves genetic determinism in a strict—but not in a loose—sense.
 …  understanding the outcomes of particular gene-environment interactions are nothing but life-changing /18-08-27

Democracy means that they people rule, while “liberal” (in this sense) means that the rights of individuals are protected, even if they’re not part of the majority. Recent years have seen the rise of an authoritarian/populist political movement in many Western democracies, one that scapegoats minorities in the name of the true “will of the people.”
 …  liberal democracy could ultimately fail even in as stable a country as the United States.
 …  Yascha Mounk /18-08-26

Neanderthals, Denisovans and modern humans interbred, at least a few times.
 …  Hybrids may not have been all that uncommon.
 …  when they met they seemed to not have prejudices against each other and mixed freely
 …  Modern humans lived in bigger, denser groups than Neanderthals or Denisovans, and they moved quickly across Europe and Asia. /18-08-26

The idea of free information is extremely dangerous
 …  Yuval Noah Harari
 …  the long-term past of humankind and the long-term future
 …  we are heading towards a full-scale arms race of artificial intelligence, which is very, very bad news.
 …  Liberalism is based on the assumption that you have privileged access to your own inner world of feelings and thoughts and choices, and nobody outside you can really understand you. This is why your feelings are the highest authority in your life and also in politics and economics – the voter knows best, the customer is always right. Even though neuroscience shows us that there is no such thing as free will, in practical terms it made sense because nobody could understand and manipulate your innermost feelings. But now the merger of biotech and infotech in neuroscience and the ability to gather enormous amounts of data on each individual and process them effectively means we are very close to the point where an external system can understand your feelings better than you. We’ve already seen a glimpse of it in the last epidemic of fake news.
 …  The more people believe in free will, that their feelings represent some mystical spiritual capacity, the easier it is to manipulate them
 …  There is no penalty for creating a sensational story that is not true.
 …  whether we have the psychological resilience to sustain such a level of change /18-08-09

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