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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

Planet orbiting Proxima Centauri  …  the star closest to the Sun  …  Earth-sized planet  …  tiny laser-propelled interstellar probes  …  Travelling at 20% of the speed of light, they would take about 20 years  …  The planet orbits its red-dwarf star .. 11.2 days /16-08-25

brain's "physics engine"  …  when people watch physical events unfold  …  on the fly  …  A better understanding of how the brain runs physics calculations might also enrich robot design. /16-08-24

hacking the machinery of life  …  synthetic Escherichia coli genome  …  factory for new industrial chemicals  …  synthetic biology  …  failsafe system /16-08-24

Werner Herzog  …  Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World.  …  Whenever a self-driving car makes a mistake, automatically all the other cars know about it, including future unborn cars.  …  The ability of cars to develop artificial intelligence is so much greater than the ability of people to keep up with them.  …  Could it be that the Internet starts to dream of itself?  …  Elon Musk  …  the perfect vacation: to infinity and beyond. /16-08-23

Werner Herzog said of virtual reality  …  you get tired of it fairly quickly  …  more convincing was animated films. Digitally created landscapes  …  So you have the content first, and then the technology follows suit. In this case, we do have a technology, but we don’t have any clear idea how to fill it with content.  …  I was not caught in a virtual reality is when I travelled on foot.  …  Our understanding of our brain, of our mind, is in its infancy.  …  whether we do live in a virtual reality all the time anyway /16-08-23

Must science be testable?  …  The general theory of relativity is sound science; ‘theories’ of psychoanalysis, as well as Marxist accounts of the unfolding of historical events, are pseudoscience. This was the conclusion reached a number of decades ago by Karl Popper,  …  falsifiability  …  string theory  …  a general framework – the most mathematically sophisticated one available at the moment – to resolve a fundamental problem in modern physics: general relativity and quantum mechanics  …  vibrating superstrings, multiple, folded, dimensions of space-time and other features of the theory are impossible to test experimentally  …  Richard Dawid  …  speculative, if innovative, type of epistemology  …  difficult to separate such ‘science’ from New Age thinking, or science fiction,’ said George Ellis  …  Post-empirical science is an oxymoron  …  Leonard Susskind .. Popperazzi to label an extremely naive (in his view) way of thinking about how science works  …  Stephen Hawking has declared philosophy dead  …  concepts like ‘science’ and ‘pseudoscience’ are complex, multidimensional, and inherently fuzzy,  …  Ludwig Wittgenstein  …  to counter true pseudoscience  …  non-empirical theory assessment  …  we have come to the limits of what our brains and technologies can possibly do  …  homeopaths  …  the luxury of discussing esoteric points of epistemology or fundamental physics /16-08-17

instant causation  …  entangled objects do not cause each other to behave the way they do  …  ignoring the universal speed-of-light limit  …  this claim is also wrong  …  nonlocal causality can in general not explain quantum entanglement  …  Our results drastically narrow down the remaining explanations /16-08-17

The fight to cheat death is hotting up  …  eats 1,900 calories a day, 600 fewer than recommended  …  calorie restriction (CR) .. seems to lessen the risk of cancer and heart disease, to slow the degeneration of nerves and to lengthen life  …  “longevity escape velocity”, the point where life expectancy increases by more than a year every year  …  immortality, or a reasonable approximation thereof  …  ageing may not be simply an accumulation of defects but a phenomenon in its own right  …  diseases compete to kill people as they age; if one does not get you the next will  …  Health Nucleus. At prices starting from $25,000  …  At best it might allow them to age as slowly as the slowest-ageing people do naturally  …  120 .. natural upper limit  …  stem-cell therapies  …  regenerative medicine /16-08-14

Wood Wide Web  …  For centuries, fungi were widely held to be harmful to plants, parasites that cause disease and dysfunction. More recently, it has become understood that certain kinds of common fungi exist in subtle symbiosis with plants, bringing about not infection but connection.  …  hyphae, which infiltrate the soil and weave into the tips of plant roots at a cellular level  …  mycorrhiza  …  individual plants are joined to one another by an underground hyphal network  …  A dying tree might divest itself of its resources to the benefit of the community  …  young seedling in a heavily shaded understory might be supported with extra resources by its stronger neighbors  …  plants to send one another warnings  …  where species begin and end  …  a forest might be better imagined as a single superorganism  …  the social networks of plants  …  which species of fungi were connecting which plants, and thereby to make an unprecedentedly detailed map of the jungle’s social network /16-08-12

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