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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

 …  both Nazi and Communist rule, Poland’s great exile poet arrived at a unique blend of skepticism and sincerity
 …  Andrzej Franaszek’s “Milosz: A Biography” (Harvard)
 …  As an aristocrat without money, and a Pole whose homeland was Lithuania
 …  repelled by the Poles’ religiosity and nationalism
 …  The creative act is associated with a feeling of freedom
 …  The belief in reason .. is unreasonable
 …  poetry must not darken the world but illuminate it
 …  moral authority /17-05-25

Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg’s port, resembles an avant-garde ocean liner
 …  Elphi
 …  Concert-hall design has entered its grand mannerist phase, or, some might argue, its age of decadence
 …  Philharmonie de Paris
 …  The first billion-dollar hall is not far of
 …  German .. more than eighteen million people attended classical concerts in the 2015-16 season .. considerably higher than the number of people who had gone to see soccer games
 …  “vineyard” plan: as at the Paris Philharmonie, the Berlin Philharmonie, and Disney Hall, in Los Angeles, the performers occupy the center
 …  Yasuhisa Toyota, who has engineered a string of triumphs, including Disney. His signature achievement has been to add resonant warmth to the clinical clarity
 …  though, something is off /17-05-23

 …  It has been neglected for too long
 …  first in Britain and Spain, and then around the world. It would reach 230,000 computers in 48 hours
 …  This is not a serious organised crime gang
 …  it reuses software stolen several months ago from America’s National Security Agency (NSA) /17-05-23

transhumanism .. the meat-free option
 …  liberate the mind from its sub-optimal hardware
 …  Google high-up Ray Kurzweil
 …  We will be able to live as long as we want
 …  By the end of this century, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will be trillions of times more powerful
 …  The Next Human: Taking Evolution into Our Own Hands
 …  Ghost in the Cloud: Transhumanism’s simulation theology
 …  machines more intelligent than we are will usurp our role as captains of our destinies
 …  human ingenuity, .. can in fact overcome our inbuilt flaws
 …  a failure to appreciate the richness and fullness of lived life
 …  idea of gathering data on a person’s life – photographs, biographical detail, social media activity – with which to reconstruct their personality The idea that you could today make /17-05-18

John Cage
I have nothing to say
and I am saying it
and that is poetry
as I need it.          /17-05-17

“mystery” of Stradivari
 …  Listener evaluations of new and Old Italian violins
 …  under blind conditions, experienced violinists tend to prefer playing new violins over Old Italians
 …  they are unable to tell new from old
 …  from the perspective of listeners in a hall
 …  Results are unambiguous. The new violins projected better /17-05-09

Artificial intelligence will have implications for policymakers in education, welfare and geopolitics
 …  technological progress, and artificial intelligence in particular, will require big changes in the way education is delivered
 …  “nanodegrees” which can be completed in a few months
 …  Automation could have a much bigger impact in developing economies than in rich ones
 …  Finland and the Netherlands, are planning to experiment with limited forms of basic income next year /17-05-08

Consciousness Is Made of Atoms
 …  Sensations are the building blocks of consciousness.
 …  neural systems evolved to enable animals to move in their environments
 …  stimuli exist in analog form and are converted into digital form by the receptor cells and the neural circuits
 …  a small portion of an undifferentiated stream of stimuli is selected by the organism and given a specific identity.
 …  There is nothing “mental” or “physical” in this account of sensations. That distinction makes sense only much further down the line in the evolution of neural systems and requires the development of memory and neural plasticity /17-04-28

Quantum Theory
 …  does the quantum state ultimately represent some objective aspect of reality, or is it a way of characterizing something about us, namely, something about what some person knows about reality?
 …  do these results rule out the idea that the quantum state is a feature of our mind? Well, yes and no.
 …  fundamental assumptions. One is that the world is always in some ontic state, a determinate physical state independent of what we happen to know
 …  Saying a problem is “philosophical” makes it seem as if it falls outside the scope of mathematical and experimental physics.
 …  And that is unambiguous progress—both scientific and philosophical. /17-04-28

a better death
 …  Death is inevitable. A bad death is not
 …  Cancer patients who die in hospital typically experience more pain, stress and depression than similar patients who die in a hospice or at home.
 …  few, when asked about their hopes for their final days, say that their priority is to live as long as possible. Rather, they want to die free from pain
 …  doctors do “everything possible”, as they have been trained to
 …  legalisation of doctor-assisted dying, so that mentally fit, terminally ill patients can be helped to end their lives if that is their wish. /17-04-28

never .. to write a grant application again
 …  Self-organized fund allocation (SOFA)
 …  they all receive an equal share of the funding budget annually—some €30,000 in the Netherlands, and $100,000 in the United States—but they have to donate a fixed percentage to other scientists whose work they respect and find important
 …  wisdom of the crowd
 …  If scientists allocated 50% of their money to colleagues they cite in their papers, research funds would roughly be distributed the way funding agencies currently do .. but at much lower overhead costs
 …  Scheffer and Bollen /17-04-28

Octopuses .. Genes
 …  incredibly intelligent
 …  RNA editing that’s very rare
 …  fine-tune the information encoded by their genes
 …  RNA editing is still mysterious, and its purpose unclear.
 …  but their genomes are rigid and stagnant.
 …  By changing their RNA rather than their DNA, they might be more effective at adapting to challenges on the fly.
 …  the creatures could turn them on or off depending on the circumstance.
 …  encode experiences in this way. /17-04-26

Elon Musk ... Neuralink wants to redefine what future humans will be
 …  600 million years ago, no one really did anything, ever .. no one had any nerves
 …  The jellyfish was the first animal to figure out that nerves were an obvious thing .. in order to increase the odds of life going well, rather than just floating aimlessly
 …  The flatworm ... a nervous system boss .. first central nervous system .. brain
 …  mammals .. were in touch with complex feelings like love, anger, and fear .. first limbic system
 …  tool-making, hunting strategy, and cooperation with other .. neocortex
 …  the first animal that could think complex thoughts .. symbol .. language
 …  50,000 BC, humans were speaking
 …  Language allows the best epiphanies of the very smartest people, through the generations, to accumulate into a little collective tower of tribal knowledge
 …  Mass cooperation raised the quality of life for everyone, and by 10,000 BC, the first cities had formed.
 …  started writing things down about 5 – 6,000 years ago
 …  Gutenberg .. probably actually invented in China
 …  Machines were better than humans
 …  The first digital computers sprung up in the 1940s.
 …  The internet gave billions of humans instant, free, easily-searchable access to the entire human knowledge
 …  Computers have been a game-changer
 …  computers still can’t quite do. Thinking.
 …  brain-machine interface
 …  catch-22: “If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.” /17-04-26

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